Exhausted to Energized:

Say Good-bye to Chronic Viral Fatigue


in as little as 6 months!

Where do you want your energy to be in 1 year from now?

 You don’t want to look back and see that you’ve missed out another year of your life, time you should have spent playing and making memories with your loved ones, time you could have spent advancing your career or learning a new hobby.  When you have bone-crushing exhaustion that just won’t quit, it’s easy to spend a lot of time focused on the symptoms…but then one day you realize – you’re still exactly where you were 5 years ago.

And I want you to get back the energy you deserve, and start living the life you love!

Don’t let perfectionism, the need to gather ALL the information first, or a fear of investing in a new direction get in the way of you living a life full of adventure, success, happiness & excitement.



Does This Sound Like You?

I get it – I’ve been in your shoes!

When you first realized that you were living with more fatigue than normal, I bet no one told you that you’d have to spend hours searching through Google to find the best ways to reboot your energy.  RIGHT??

We expect our health problems to be quickly fixed with a pill or supplement, yet chronic fatigue & reactivated viral infections are complicated health imbalances that need so much more support and guidance.   

Instead of wading through Facebook Support Groups and health blogs, trying to piece it all together, let me take the guesswork out for you.

Who am I?

Diagnosed with CFS at age 15, I spent almost 20 years battling defeating, bone-crushing exhaustion.  I lived a very isolated, lonely life because I could barely manage to keep my head above water between school and work.

Frustrated by all the medical professionals who kept telling me there was nothing wrong, that my exhaustion must all be in my head, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

All thanks to post-BCP cystic acne, I uncovered a whole new world of health – natural, functional nutrition and the power of the  interconnections between body systems and mind.  

Despite a very successful career as an IT Security Consultant, I decided to get my diploma in Holistic Nutrition, and found my passion for helping women overcome chronic and post-viral (EBV) 100% naturally. 

My own 20+ years journey from exhausted to energized taught me that the information “out there” about fixing fatigue was all wrong for virally infected, ambitious women.  And this is how I created a system that is easy to follow yet proven to reverse the damage that causes EBV reactivation, chronic exhaustion, and post-viral fatigue.


The Energy & Hormonal Rebalance System

The Energy & Hormonal Rebalance System is a unique, holistic program that includes the Triad of Energy Healing: functional nutrition, lifestyle habit creation, and mindset practice.

This 6 month program is delivered online with step-by-step trainings designed to help you improve your energy & overall health by 5% each week.

The Energy & Hormonal Rebalance System is a personalized coaching solution that deeps dives into to the fundamental root causes of exhaustion caused by reactivated viral infections (and it’s waaaay more than just antivirals!).


Are You Ready To Get Started?

Module 1

Week 1 – Setting yourself for success, you’ll have time to review the program fundamentals and get familiar with what to expect on your journey.  You’ll start with some simple breakfast food changes, and perform a personal sleep assessment & energy log that will guide your progress.

We start off with a mindset training on Overcoming Overwhelm and how to avoid falling into the trap of feeling like there is too much to do.

Module 2

Weeks 2 – 4:

This is the first phase – removing the nutrition triggers that create the “stress / inflammation cycle” of chornic fatigue & burnout.

You’ll begin your first set of full meal plans, which are always flexible to adapt to your tastes and lifestyle.

Your mindset program topic is learning how to choose how you want to feel for higher energy and motivation.

Module 3

Week 3 –

Continuing on with removing the triggers, you will move onto this module when you feel comfortable with the Module 2 meal plans.

In this module, you’ll begin to reset your sleep patterns and learn the importance of keeping a food & symptom journal to catalogue your progress.

This module covers an excellent training on setting goals versus outcomes to help you learn how to easily stay on track and make the progress you need.

Module 4

Week 4 –

Healthy digestion is crucial for overall health and higher energy.

In this module, you’ll dive into how to optimize digestion and break a few very common habits that unknowingly minimize how well your body absorbs nutrients.

Your mindset training covers how to get really clear and expansive on the life you want to create so that you can stay motivated and make huge leaps in your progress, faster.

Module 5

Weeks 5+ –

Here is where you really dive into higher energy nutrition practices!  Starting with Module 5, you’ll eat to become fat adapated.  Your body produces up to 3.5X as much energy when it is fueled by fatty acids versus glucose. 

And, to help you stay on track and make the big changes easier to your eating practices, this module covers Part 1 of the training on how to stay motivated.

Module 6

Week 8 –

Daily movement helps to promote elimination of toxins and excess hormones, and learning how to exercise in a way that supports your energy hormones will give you way more energy than following generic workout advice or programs.

In this module, you’ll start to uncover the best style of movement & daily exercise that aligns with your personal health situation.

And, you’ll dive deeper into strategies that are proven to help you stay motivated no matter what life throws your way, too.  After all, when you stay on track, your make faster, greater progress!

Module 7

Weeks 9-11 –

You’ll spend at least 3 weeks discovering your personal Feminine Energy Cycle.  Using this cycle, you can then choose workouts, productivity tasks and chores that align with the various phases to build more momentum and success.  And, once you’re able to harness the power of your personal feminine energy cycle, you’ll discover a world of less stress, fewer incidents of burnout and way more productivity and accomplishments. 

This module also covers mindset training on where to focus your attention for bigger results and faster progress.  You’ll learn to create your BIG OUTCOME to keep you moving and accountable.

Module 8

Week 12 –

We switch gears this week and focus on detoxification.  Healthy detoxification should only happen after your body is refueled and you’ve replenished important nutrients.  These nutrients help flush toxins out faster, preventing toxic build-up that leads to fatigue & disease.  

We’ll touch on heavy metal detoxification as well.  

And, one of the biggest causes of failure in any health program is resistance to the changes.  Even at this point in the program, your mind will still be bringing up excuses not to try something new, so we’re going to change that!

Module 9

Week 13 –

In this module we’re going to test that your body has become fully fat adapated, and work on rebalancing any hormones or nutrient gaps that may still be holding you back.  

You’ll also learn how to refuel your neurotransmitters and implement some proven activities to help reduce anxiety and improve mood and overall calm.

The mindset module covers how to identify any mental structures that could hold your back or prevent you from fully transforming your health, and we’ll work through how to reframe these limiting beliefs further.  

Module 10

Weeks 14+ – 

Here is where the fun really happens!

In this module, you’ll start to practice intermittent fasting and carb-up meals and uncover your personal eating schedule.  This isn’t your typical keto IF plan – this style of eating is developed to maintain hormonal balance and lower levels of inflammation to skyrocket energy production.   

And, this is your final module for the Mindset training, and you’ll learn all about the OSCAR Process, a proven yet simple process to follow to help you reframe limiting beliefs, create new throught patterns, and stay focused on the life you want to create.  

Module 11

Week 15 – 

A healthy immune system is a necessity for higher energy.  In this module, learn advanced nutrition protocols to give your immune system a reboot, plus discover how to reduce autoimmune symptoms and put stealth infections in their place!

Module 12

Weeks 20+ – 

This is a very important module if you’d love to take back control of your health!

Learn what it means to eat intuitively, in a way that makes it so easy to reverse symptoms, identify your personal root causes to health complaints, and set yourself up for your best health for life!

This is the module that teaches you exactly how to create a sustainable high energy & overall healthy body and mind for life!

For anyone who has a big health or fitness goal they want to achieve or who simply wants to feel better and have more energy to enjoy life, I would highly recommend the Mind Body Healthy program. Daina is a fantastic coach and if you follow the program protocols and take her advice you too will find yourself with more energy to take on all the things you want to do in life!

Carleigh W.

I feel great! Woke up energized, motivated and ready to go. No coffee needed.  Getting creative with foods keeps me interested and engaged in this program.

Kelsey W.

After 20 years, I’m finally feeling refreshed most mornings. I feel lighter and so much healthier. My energy is improving and I feel like someone is actually listening to me and getting what it causing my fatigue!

Sarah D.

I noticed an increase in my energy just 5 days in, and it steadily increased each day. I no longer get afternoon energy crashes and I don’t need to nap after lunch! I feel so much more focused at work and I’m confident in my job again!

Jenn B.

Thank you Daina for all your help!  Not only do I have way more energy, a clearer mind, acne cleared up, but now I have so many more clothes that fit again!

Kellie K.

Are you ready to transform your health from exhausted to energized?

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