ATTENTION: Busy, active women who are sick of restrictive diets, expensive supplements, and spending thousands of dollars on personal trainers!

Ditch the belly fat without giving up the foods you love, like chocolate, wine or pizza, or spending money on expensive “miracle” solutions just to get your body back!


The Secret?  Stubborn Belly Fat ISN’T All Genetics!


Forget trying to fit in more hours at the gym! 

Forget feeling resentful because you can’t eat chocolate (even though your husband can and does in front of you)!

Forget stressing out about how much the latest weight loss supplements or diet programs will cost!

Does this sound like you?

Right now, you’re frustrated (and you should be).

You’re doing your best: drinking protein smoothies, packing a lunch for work every day, hitting the gym religiously & stopping at just 2 glasses of wine on girls’ night. You dream of being able to put on a bikini and look HOT on your next beach vacation.  You covet the abs of women on Instagram.  But it still doesn’t seem to matter what you do.

Your pants still dig into your waistline, you spend half your day pulling your pants up over your belly roll when you sit down, and you feel like everyone is staring at your embarassing muffin top.   You’re active, you eat healthy, and your friends maybe even look up to you as a role model of health.

But it doesn’t seem to matter how much you exercise or how well you eat – that belly fat just will NOT BUDGE.

On top of that, you’re exhausted!

You’re sick of pushing yourself to exercise longer and harder in the name of fat loss.

You’re sick of feeling fat and frumpy.

You’re sick of stressing out every time you have to put on your little black dress or a bathing suit.

You’re sick of starving yourself, limiting or avoiding all your favorite foods, like chocolate, wine, wings or pasta.  You’re frustrated because you can’t afford surgery or more personal training sessions.  Your body just seems to be working against you – you feel like you’re constantly at battle with your willpower when energy crashes and sugar cravings hit you each afternoon.

Does any of this sound familiar?

PROBLEM #1: Each week, you’re able to grab even more fat around your waistline and you don’t know why.

PROBLEM #2: Your energy is in the toilet and you’re stuck on the caffeine and sugar roller coaster to get through your day.

PROBLEM #3: You’re exhausted but you lay tossing and turning every night, random, useless thoughts running through your mind. Or, you keep waking up at 3 AM for no reason and you can’t get back to sleep.

PROBLEM #4: You can’t walk by a plate of cookies or donuts in the afternoon without grabbing at least 1, even though you’re not hungry.  

PROBLEM #5: You feel like a failure when you crave something sweet every night after dinner.  Your body is rebelling and you can’t win against your cravings. 

Alright, here’s my top-secret piece of wisdom for you:   All this stubborn fat and a body that seems to be working aginst you?

It’s not you!

It’s not your lack of commitment or willpower. It’s the ‘healthy’ food that you’re eating + the time wasted on the wrong type of exercise.  

It’s all the little nuances that life throws at you and the expectation that you, as a strong woman, must be capable of handling everything on your own!  You know:

  • Tackling the never-ending pile of dishes in your sink each night
  • Keeping up with all the work your boss throws at you each day
  • Chauffeuring your kids to dance class, soccer practice, birthday parties and so much more all week
  • Fitting in time with your spouse or partner just to keep them happy
  • Plus, staying in shape for yourself so that you feel your sexiest and most confident at work, at the gym, in a bikini and anywhere else your life takes you

You’ve just been given the wrong advice and information for years on how to eat to lose weight.  

It’s NOT your fault!  You haven’t been taught this stuff so you keep circling back to old, outdated weight loss advice.

And it doesn’t work!

You are literally creating the perfect storm of weight gain and low energy levels, and you need to stop now. 

After working with dozens of women who were desperately trying to lose weight, sleep better, and feel more in control of their bodies and their lives, this is what I know about you:  

  • You do your best to eat healthy and limit pasta, cheese, chocolate and chips. You know the more you eat the bigger you get. But you’re really hungry and just don’t have the willpower to stay away from ice cream after dinner. 
  • You kind of freak out when a beach vacation looms and go on a restrictive diet that only leads to uncontrollable carb binges a few days later. 
  • You feel like you’ve wasted tons of money on extra hours with your personal trainer, spending what feels like hours on the damn elliptical.  You’re just left feeling tired, hungry and frustrated.  
  • You’ve also tried every diet program under the sun with limited results. You lost weight, bought a sexy pair of skinny jeans and now, a few months later, they don’t fit.  
  • You actually hold your breath every time you zip up a pair of pants you haven’t worn in a bit and say a silent prayer that they still do up. 
  • You cringe every time you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror.  You’re constantly adjusting your clothes to try to hide that stubborn belly fat.  
  • You avoid changing in front of your spouse, no matter how supportive or nonjudgmental they are.  
  • You’re so self-conscious of your belly fat that you avoid social situations because it’s just so depressing when your best dresses seem to showcase your stomach.   
  • Plus, you’re so exhausted and cranky that sometimes you just want to pack a suitcase and take off, away from your family’s constant demands on your time and energy.  

I know how disheartening it is to follow diet programs and see results only to have the weight come back within weeks. I know what it’s like to spend hours at the gym, desperately trying to ‘work off’ those extra brownies that you couldn’t help binging on after a busy day at work.

I also know how draining it is to spend your life ‘hiding’ in baggy clothes, because I did that for way too long. I felt that if my clothes felt loose, then I must look smaller.

We all have insecurities but weight is one of the hardest to deal with. You can’t leave it at home, hide it under makeup or cover it up. It’s always there in plain sight, ready to pop up in the WORST situations (like right before a special event or a much-anticipated beach vacation).

It’s exhausting to keep trying and failing and you get so sick of dieting. You slowly build up layer after layer of indifference. You tell yourself you don’t care (but of course you do).

Because it’s not JUST your weight or your reflection in the mirror. It’s not even how you feel naked. The truth is, aside from the way you LOOK, it’s also about the way you FEEL.

You’re exhausted. You feel like crap from the time you drag yourself out of bed in the morning, until you crawl back in at night and try desperately to get to sleep. You LIVE off of coffee & pop (anything with caffeine), hit a complete WALL by 3 o’clock and CONSTANTLY crave food like chocolate, chips, cheese & popcorn.

And you constantly feel guilty for giving into these cravings, creating a vicious cycle.

You beat yourself up, think that your willpower is just not strong enough to overcome your annoying weight-ruining cravings.

Your body aches, your mood is a living rollercoaster, and some mornings you are so bloated that your pants won’t do up (or, you feel and look about 6 months pregnant by mid-afternoon).


The Belly Fat Solution


Say Good-Bye to Stubborn Belly Fat Without Giving Up Chocolate and Wine and Without Adding Even More Insane Workouts At The Gym


A 12-week step-by-step belly fat loss program for busy, active women that’s designed to kick start your metabolism and naturally boost your energy so that you burn fat faster, even while sitting at your desk!


Stop Feeling Fat, Frazzled and Fatigued and Never Diet Again!

There is NO SHAME in wanting to feel confident and sexy, and doing anything you can to stop feeling fat, sick and tired.

What’s Really Going On Here…The Blood Sugar Story

When you eat foods, the energy (sugars) is sent to the blood. This triggers insulin to come pick up the sugar and deliver it to your cells. The problem here is that, if your muscles and other cells don’t need energy, insulin stores sugars as fat. When too much sugar is sent to your blood all at once, insulin stores that sugar as fat, leaving your body low on energy and craving more sugar. The vicious blood sugar cycle starts and you can’t help craving sweets and sugar nor can you ever get rid of that excess fat! But, what can you do?  

Well, different foods send different amounts of energy (sugars) into your blood. Some send it all very quickly while others spread it out over time. This means that the types of foods you eat can actually help you lose excess fat because they won’t trigger insulin release to store sugars as fat.

And THAT is what this program is ALL about – helping you learn how to eat to avoid sugar and insulin spikes that promote fat storage.


You can’t lose weight if your blood sugar is a mess, your hormones are completely out of whack and your body is holding on to EVERY SINGLE POUND (plus adding more monthly).

No matter how little you eat.


The LESS you eat while on a diet the LESS energy your body burns every day (it’s called self-preservation) and the MORE you crave unhealthy junk foods (because you’re creating blood sugar issues).

It’s not a case of willpower. Willpower will never win against blood sugar and hormones.


Trying to fight biology is why diets fail.

It’s not you. It’s the food that you’re eating and the way that you’re eating it. To fix it, you don’t need a miracle diet or the newest magic pill. You DEFINITELY don’t need to count every calorie and make yourself miserable.


Hitting the gym and doing hours of cardio doesn’t work for fat loss. Sure, it’s good for your heart. That’s why it’s called cardio.



A simple way of eating for women who want to be free of stubborn belly fat, feel energized all day long, and finally feel comfortable in their own skin.

No B.S. No counting calories. No magic pills or restrictive dieting.

No spending a small fortune on a gym membership or expensive equipment. No carving hours out of your already jam-packed day to exercise.

Best of all? No going to bed hungry or living off juices and shakes.

Just real food, actual fat loss and the most liberating feeling ever of NOT craving carbs & feeling like total crap all afternoon.

This 12-Week Program Will Show You How To…

  • Boost your body’s natural fat burning properties without starvation or deprivation
  • Teach you how to create delicious, filling meals that support your metabolism and boost your energy
  • Make healthy and delicious choices when eating out to sustain your new lifestyle and goals
  • Improve your overall sense of well-being and get you back to feeling like yourself again
  • Workout effectively to boost lean muscle mass so that you burn energy all day, even while sitting at your desk

I’ve lost 10 pounds and 2 inches around my waist in 5 months, despite having a few weekends where I couldn’t stick to the ‘plan’.  I was able to get right back on track the following week and finally know how to ‘reset’ without feeling like I’ve blown all my hard work.  I feel more energetic and my skin looks amazing.

Shawna F.

Before meeting with Daina, I felt like I was “doing everything right” but not seeing results and not feeling my best. Despite exercising 5 days a week and eating healthy, I was not sleeping well (always tired), had very low energy, struggled with weight gain (particularly belly fat) and getting very frustrated that nothing I tried seemed to help. With Daina’s knowledge and guidance: I sleep so much better and have way more energy, I’ve beaten my sugar cravings and late afternoon grazing, I feel so much better and the weight is slowly coming off. It’s been very easy to follow Daina’s suggestions and incorporate the changes to my lifestyle. It truly is a lifestyle change that’s working! Thank you, Daina, for helping me to feel better, healthier and stronger!

Sheri P.

It breaks my heart when women tell me that they feel guilty for eating one too many cookies, or for “cheating” on their diet.  And, I literally cringe when someone tells me that their diet isn’t working even though they’ve cut way back on calories AND stepped up their game at the gym.

It’s frustrating; it’s depressing; and it can feel downright hopeless.  Right?

I created the Belly Fat Solution because I am sick of hearing women struggle to lose weight.  I’m also sick of hearing that women are depriving themselves of their favorite foods because some ‘diet’ program told them they had to.

And I am sick of women being fed all the wrong information about what they should eat in order to lose that stubborn weight.

I want every woman to eat what she wants when she wants and feel zero guilt!  I want every woman to feel amazing when they look in the mirror.  And, most of all, I want every woman to understand that she doesn’t need to spend hours in the gym, deprive herself of her favorite foods, or dedicate hours to cooking fancy meals.

My mission is simple but it’s something I am totally passionate about:

I teach women how to lose weight and feel amazing with real food, workouts that are actually attainable, and recipes and meal plans that are quick and simple to prepare.

When I started my career in Holistic Nutrition, I thought that I had to suddenly eat only organic and farm-raised foods.  I thought a plant-based diet was THE KEY to a healthy lifestyle.  And I thought healthy meals meant scouring the Internet for creative and lengthy gourmet recipes.

I was hungry ALL THE TIME!  I started to really struggle with my own weight and put on a few unwanted pounds.  And I felt tired, sluggish and just not my happy, energetic self.

I tried to use willpower and mind games to avoid foods that I thought were bad for me, including things I loved, like wine, chocolate and poporn slathered in coconut oil.

So, I was eating really ‘healthy’, but my health was not where I thought it should be.

Can you relate?


Not only will I teach you exactly what to eat to STOP that vicious cycle, in the Belly Fat Solution you’ll also have full accountability, motivation & support to actually implement these changes so you literally CANNOT fail. In the Belly Fat Solution, I’ll also give you the specially designed fat burning exercises that will take your fat loss to the next level.

Risk Free Guarantee!

Not sure if the Belly Fat Solution is right for you? Try the entire program risk free! You can try the first 2 weeks of the program completely risk free. If you don’t notice a difference, just let me know—you’ll get your money back! Just send me completed food journals showing you followed the Belly Fat Solution for a full 2 weeks in the free app My Fitness Pal or other format. 

Remember, you can’t get out of the program what you don’t put in, so you owe it to yourself to give this a good solid shot!

Here’s What This Comprehensive Program Includes:

Complete Belly Fat Solution Fundamentals Guide plus Foods List to Support You Throughout the Program (a $197.00 value)
Weekly emails with useful and actionable tips, worksheets and advice to keep you on track, plus weekly video lessons (a $597.00 value)
9 fully-customizable weekly meal plans with dozens of quick and simple recipes to help you stick with the program (a $347.00 value)
Online access to all the program contents so that you can follow along each week OR proceed through the program at your own pace (priceless)
Lifetime access to my private Belly Fat Solution support group on Facebook where you can ask questions and receive support, guidance and encouragement for as long as you need! (a $247.00 value!)

Plus, sign up today and receive 2 awesome bonuses!

12 complete workouts designed to balance blood sugar and build lean muscle mass to support your body’s fat burning abilities (a $597.00 value)
The ultimate 30-day self-care guide to further help balance hormones and improve your body’s ability to burn through excess belly fat (a $197.00 value)

If you were to invest in this entire program, including all the bonuses and lifetime access to me, it would cost you $2182.00!

But wait!  Before you leave, I’m obviously not going to charge you that.  Instead, I have a very special offer for you!

All of the program contents I’ve outlined above are yours for a one-time investment of…

Only $497.00 CAD!

Stop Eating ‘Healthy’ & Exercising Like Crazy & Start Seeing Actual Fat Loss!

You are PERFECT for this program if:

  • You are sick of your pants always digging into your waistline and giving you a muffin top, no matter what diet or exercise program you try.
  • You’re sick of spending your hard-earned money on extra fitness classes or training sessions or special supplements that promise you a ‘miracle cure’ to flatten your tummy.
  • You’re tired of always feeling tired.
  • You need accountability and support.
  • You want to figure out what foods you NEED to be eating going forward, and the ones to stay away from.
  • You’re sick of all the diet B.S. and you want to be empowered, NOT restricted.
  • You’re sick of spending hours doing cardio and not seeing any results.
  • You’re DONE trying to battle willpower over daily sugar and carb cravings!

With the Belly Fat Solution, I am empowering you to take control & take charge of your body. Learn the foods that actually fuel your metabolism and balance your blood sugar. Learn how to incorporate other foods as treats.

That’s the difference between this time and every single other diet you’ve ever tried. They weren’t about YOU or YOUR body. They weren’t even about actual food. The Belly Fat Solution is. You’ll start fueling your body with the foods you actually need (not what you THINK you need) to get results.

I know we don’t know each other yet, and I know your struggle is your own but I want you to know that I get you. I know how truly lonely it feels to be uncomfortable and unhappy in your own body. I was there.

I will promise you this – if you take the first step with me, you won’t be taking the next step alone, and you won’t regret it for one second.

I Can’t Wait To See You In The Belly Fat Solution!

Get the Freedom to Eat What You Want When You Want and Still Ditch the Stubborn Belly Fat!

Imagine knowing what foods actually work FOR your metabolism and not against it (it’s not what you think!).

Imagine getting dressed in the morning without scrutinizing your outfit from every angle to make sure it’s not showcasing your worst flaws. 

Imagine going through the day without stressing over what to eat and when.

Imagine walking by that plate of cookies in the office kitchen and actually saying “no thanks”!

“Hi, I’m Daina and it is so great to meet you!”

I’m a Holistic Nutrition Consultant and group fitness instructor, and founder of Mind Body Healthy. I used to be fat and now I’m not simply because I ditched the mainstream ‘healthy’ eating advice and started following my own style of eating, exercising and relaxing. I teach women who want to say good-bye to stubborn belly fat, improve daily energy levels and stop feeling sick, tired, foggy and frazzled a very simple style of eating that still involves some wine, chocolate and the other good stuff that keeps life fun and interesting.

I know you’ve done this before.

That you used to get EXCITED about every new ‘diet’ or ‘program’, really believing that this was it.

You definitely didn’t become a cynic overnight. But it did happen and now you’re stuck, skeptical of every new ‘miracle’ diet (and, really, you should be).

And now, you’re afraid of investing in another program and failing, but even more afraid of gaining more weight and living out the rest of your life feeling frumpy, frazzled and just plain sick and tired.

I get it – it’s embarrassing to fail at diets publicly, over and over again (especially if you’re a high achiever like me).

Results promised in weight loss program ads or promotions just don’t appear for you, despite spending what feels like hours doing cardio, stressing out over everything you eat, skipping breakfast (and occasionally lunch), and living off coffee and smoothies.

If only you could be one of those women who carries their extra weight in less obvious, more opportune spots! But no, you have to carry yours right around your belly where it’s the hardest to hide.

The good news?  Stubborn belly fat ISN’T all genetics!

Still Have Questions?

I’m interested…what happens next?


First of all-yay! That’s so exciting! Once you click the BUY NOW button you’ll be taken over to my secure server to complete your purchase. You will receive an email with your welcome package and next steps right away so watch your inbox! You’ll start to see weekly emails from me on the first day of the program’s officially start date. I’ll just be an email away if you have any questions at all (and I’ll also send you the link to join a private Facebook community where I hang out and help my clients run through a program).


The recipes are easy. They don’t require you to spend hours in the kitchen working with complicated hard to find foods-who’s got time for that? Plus, you can double, triple or even quadruple recipes to help make meal prep easier during the busy weeks.


Will I be starving?


Not with this program! Not only will you eat real food for your meals, you’ll eat plenty of it. Believe me, you will not be hungry. Plus, you’ll be eating formerly forbidden foods like butter, beef, bacon and eggs.


Do I have to shop at specialty health food stores?


Nope. Plain old grocery stores (even Walmart) will work just fine. Yup – grabbing a BBQ chicken on the way home from work is definitely still an option.


What if I have a question? Do you provide any support?


You can definitely ask me questions – that’s what the Facebook group is all about. I’ll get back to any questions posted within 12-48 hours and will ALWAYS support you.


Do I have to cook every day?


Not if you don’t want to. Look – I’m a part-time business owner and a full-time IT analyst so I’m lucky to spend 25 minutes on dinner. The recipes I’ll provide you with can be made ahead (hurray for batch cooking) or made super quickly. I’ll also teach you how to eat out without killing your blood sugar and feeling awful afterwards. The point is you can tailor this program to your lifestyle. It’s not about having to eat specific meals at specific times – it’s learning HOW to eat so you can control your blood sugar, balance your hormones and stop storing fat. That’s it. I’m also a fan of the ‘toss everything into a bowl’ way of eating, so you’re welcome to pick and choose a few easy whole foods to add to a meal and go with that. Avocado, eggs, and a couple of nuts and away you go! This program is NOT about eating complicated and time-consuming meals. That’s not how I roll!


Do I have to eat all organic?


Nope. I mean you can but your success doesn’t hinge on that. Organic is an important topic, but it’s not what this program is about. I’ll be happy to talk you through it and help you make up your own mind though.


What kind of food will I be eating?


Honestly – regular old food like meats, fish, veggies, avocados, butter, eggs, some fruits, etc. I will warn you: No ‘diet’ food is involved in this program. You’ll be eating mainly whole foods from the perimeter of your grocery store. Plus, you’ll be expected to enjoy a few treats and the occasional glass of red wine, too!

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