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Hi, I’m Daina and I’m just like you!

I battled chronic fatigue, stress and never slept through the night.  I’ve experienced the eye rolls and skepticism from friends, family, coworkers and even doctors when I described my symptoms; I missed many events due to total exhaustion too.  It was frustrating and humiliating and I needed to take control and get my life back, so that’s just what I did.

“Adrenal fatigue” was the diagnosis and I did not want to depend on drugs to regulate my system and basically just treat the symptoms rather than the root cause of my problem.  I was drawn to holistic nutrition and there seemed to be a lot of research on how nutrition and specific exercise could regain health and put an end to my many  confusing symptoms.  This was the answer I was looking for!  It was so intriguing that I  switched gears in my career and became a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and an AFLCA certified fitness instructor.  My personal experience coupled with my training and expertise are what I use to help YOU achieve your health goals too!

I will support & guide you to achieve:

  • More energy and better health for life, simply & sustainably
  • A better understanding of healthy eating and supplements that works with your unique female hormones
  • Energizing exercise and self-care activities that keep you motivated and successful in your journey
  • Refreshing, high quality sleep

With me, you’ll also experience:

  • A highly resilient response to stress so that it stops knocking your down
  • A powerfully strong immune system so that your stealth infections stop reactivating
  • Intuitive eating  so that you know exactly what foods work for you (& which don’t)
  • Mood improvements – imagine always feeling calm (less anxiety), peaceful (less worry), happy and joyful no matter what life throws your way
  • More work and/or chores done in less time which means more time for what lights you up each day
  • Deeper, more meaningful connections with loved ones
  • Improved physical, emotional and mental health of family members – disorders or health conditions recede or disappear
  • Ease in teaching healthier nutrition and lifestyle, stress handling, and self-awareness principles to your children
  • High confidence, ease to ask for help (when it’s needed), more freedom in your everyday life choices, and so much more fun and enjoyment for life! 
  • Improved work performance 
  • Digestion, hormonal health, skin, aches & pains, and nervous system all rejuvenates
  • Fat loss, stress belly recedes
  • Deeper relationship and grace for yourself – you put yourself first more, you set boundaries, and you become a more radiant version of yourself – and this feels SO GOOD
  • You feel heard, you feel taken care of, you feel empowered by your knowledge and start taking more and more healthy actions naturally, with ease


Holistic Nutrition Consultant Holistic Nutrition Consultant  

In my spare time, my husband and I like to travel.  We are currently living in Nicaragua as we explore the world and search for our next long-term place to settle down. We have two cats (Walker & Zeta) that travel with us and keep us company.

My charities of choice are:

  • The Meow Foundation
  • Plan Canada (I sponsor 3 “Because I am a Girl” children) 
  • San Juan del Sur SOS Clinica Animales

I look forward to working with you to achieve your optimal health!

xo Daina


I value educating women on how to choose real, whole foods for optimal health.  I respect your needs, situation and goals, and promote your sense of accountability and independence in your choices.  If you are ambitious and ready for a change, I am the right nutrition consultant for you!


To provide you with simple and affordable healthy food ideas and the tools you need to stick to your goals, get a better sleep and have more energy to chase after your kids or your pets.  To give you back your vitality so that every day of every month is a carefree and joyous one!
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