Chronic Stress Holistic Nutrition

Hi, I’m Daina and I’m just like you!

I battled chronic fatigue, stress and never slept through the night.  I’ve experienced the eye rolls and skepticism from friends, family, coworkers and even doctors when I described my symptoms; I missed many events due to total exhaustion too.  It was frustrating and humiliating and I needed to take control and get my life back, so that’s just what I did.

“Adrenal fatigue” was the diagnosis and I did not want to depend on drugs to regulate my system and basically just treat the symptoms rather than the root cause of my problem.  I was drawn to holistic nutrition and there seemed to be a lot of research on how nutrition and specific exercise could regain health and put an end to my many  confusing symptoms.  This was the answer I was looking for!  It was so intriguing that I  switched gears in my career and became a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and an AFLCA certified fitness instructor.  My personal experience coupled with my training and expertise are what I use to help YOU achieve your health goals too!

I will:

  • Help you choose the right foods to reduce your symptoms, reduce your waistline and increase your energy
  • Help you create custom healthy meals that are easy for you to prepare in less than 20 minutes
  • Offer personalized exercise programs to reach your goals faster
  • Coach you on your journey to better health and a better life

I believe:

  • Life is to be enjoyed, so no counting calories or weighing food!
  • Working out should be fun!
  • Chocolate, wine and treats are an important part of your menu plan
  • Sleep is critical to maintaining good health
  • With a little help and coaching, even the busiest women can have optimal health through holistic nutrition and exercise


Holistic Nutrition Consultant Holistic Nutrition Consultant  

In my spare time, my husband and I like to travel.  We have two cats (Walker & Zeta) and one Golden Retriever (Tia) that keep us busy.

My charities of choice are:

  • The Meow Foundation
  • Plan Canada (I sponsor 3 “Because I am a Girl” children) 

I look forward to working with you to achieve your optimal health!

xo Daina


I value educating women on how to choose real, whole foods for optimal health.  I respect your needs, situation and goals, and promote your sense of accountability and independence in your choices.  If you are ambitious and ready for a change, I am the right nutrition consultant for you!


To provide you with simple and affordable healthy food ideas and the tools you need to stick to your goals, get a better sleep and have more energy to chase after your kids or your pets.  To give you back your vitality so that every day of every month is a carefree and joyous one!
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