Here’s how to discover the energy that you’ve been missing, stop relying on willpower to avoid eating certain foods, and jump start fat loss!

Learn Why You’re Just 21 Days Away From Recharged Energy, No More Sugar Cravings, and A Body You Can Love Again!

21-Day Total Body Detox
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Ladies, are you frustrated with your lack of energy?  Are you tired of fighting your willpower to avoid sugar and carbs later in the day?  Are you sick of feeling frumpy when you look in the mirror?

Then the 21-Day Total Body Detox is for YOU!

Does this sound like you?

  • You are SO tired
  • You can’t fall asleep even though you’re exhausted
  • You wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep (ugh, I have been there!)
  • You crave sweets and processed carbs, especially in the afternoon
  • You just can’t seem to lose weight no matter what diet or exercise program you try (especially belly fat)
  • You’ve got crazy mood swings or you feel anxious all the time
  • You feel like you have no energy and you’re seriously lacking in willpower and motivation when it comes to health
  • You know you need to eat healthy and you have a good idea what this means but you’re struggling to get back on the wagon

What would you do for:

  • Massive increases in energy
  • Weight that just drops off
  • No more guilt when eating chocolate or drinking wine
  • So much better, fulfilling sleep
  • Waking up refreshed
  • More willpower around food and more motivation to eat healthy again
  • A sunny, positive attitude all the time
  • Clear, glowing skin
  • Much fewer PMS symptoms
  • A totally happy period

Every time you eat a meal, your body retaliates against you.  From the additives found in everyday foods to the toxins that you are exposed to from living in the 21st century to the excessive exercise you do to combat that unexplained weight gain…it all adds up!

The foods you are eating right now are keepin you trapped in a vicious cycle!  The endless hours on the treadmill are keeping you feeling frumpy!

And you’ve experienced the impact everywhere, from sleepless nights to acne to brain fog to belly fat to uncontrollable cravings.

Your liver is struggling to detoxify all of the toxins you’re exposed to through food, things put on your skin, and extra exercise…and your body and your brain are feeling the effects.

Here is the good news:  You might be struggling now, but in just 21 days you can feel like a new person!!!

And, you’re not going to need another fad diet program that deprives you of your favorite foods or pushes you to extremes as the gym.

So, ask yourself,

If you would “do anything” to end the battle against your willpower over sweets, increase your energy, and improve how you feel naked, would you try this for just 21 days?

Introducing the 21-Day Total Body Detox!

Recharge and energize your body with real foods that will reprogram your metabolism, balance your blood sugar and help you sleep through the night so that you can:

  • Regain the energy you didn’t know you were missing!
  • Stop relying on willpower and say good-bye to unhealthy cravings!
  • Finally start to see inches lost around your waistline!
This complete 21-Day Total Body Detox will help you rebalance your hormones and take back control of your metabolism using the power of whole foods.

You’ll start with a powerful 3-day cleanse designed to give your body a break from the barrage of toxins you normally consume. After this experience, you’ll feel better, look better, and experience more motivation and energy than you have in years. Then you’ll eat delicious, nutrient dense foods for the next 18-days to reset your metabolism and support your liver as you continue to detoxify.

It sounds next to impossible, I know, but this proven detox gives you…

Noticable Results in Just 3 Days!

What You Get

Follow the 21-day meal plan (meat, vegetarian and vegan options included) and support materials to discover a faster way to feel energized, refreshed, and totally renewed.

More than just a juice cleanse or expensive program with lots of supplements, this 21-Day Total Body Detox gives your metabolism a serious boost and balances important fat-burning and cravings-busting hormones!

In the 21-Day Total Body Detox, you will discover:

  • How to nourish your body from the inside with cleansing foods that purposely rid your body of toxins that trigger cravings, fat storage and fatigue
  • 10 foods that have been working against you by disrupting fat burning and sleep
  • How to choose healthier, yet still delicious snacks when you do need a treat
  • That you don’t have to starve yourself or eliminate your favorite foods in the name of healthy living, weight loss and improved energy!

Complete 21 Day Meal Plan

All Meal and Snack Recipes (plus bonuses)

Lifestyle Detox Guide

Exercise Guide plus Bonus Workouts

If you’re afraid to jump into yet another detox or weight loss program, keep in mind that you can get this amazing 21 days of healthy eating for less than it would cost you to eat out everyday for just 7 days at any fast food joint!  Seriously!

Balance Your Hormones And Discover Hidden Energy, Motivation, And Metabolism You Never Knew Was In You.

Here’s what people are saying about the 21-Day Total Body Detox:

Great, clean eating recipes, awesome encouragement. I lost my final 10 pregnancy lbs with this program! Jocelyn

I really enjoyed the recipes in this program – they were so good and very easy.  And, after just 3 days, I noticed my sleep improved a lot.  This was a great reset to my diet – just what I needed. E.G.

Could this just be the fastest way to increased energy, faster fat loss and no more annoying sugar cravings?  Find out today for just…

Detox and Reset Your Body Risk-Free!

100% Money Back Guarantee:

Not sure if the 21-Day Total Body Detox is right for you?

Try the entire program risk free!

From the time you order, you have 21 full days to complete your body reset. If you do not notice any difference after just 3 days, if you go the full 21 days and don’t feel like a new you, or if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know—you’ll get your money back!

 You owe it to yourself to try the 21-Day Total Body Detox risk free right now! You won’t pay a penny if it doesn’t work.

Don’t Put Off Feeling Sexy Naked and Having Full Control Over Your Food Choices Any Longer – Get the Energy You Deserve!

Start the 21-Day Total Body Detox Today!

Hi, I'm Daina, your Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach!

I teach women who just want to feel normal again how to eat to boost their energy and stop feeling out of control around food.  I help you beat your cravings and boost your body’s natural fat burning abilities, all through natural, whole food meal and snacks.  I also help you understand that losing weight isn’t about spending endless hours at the gym – it’s about listening to your body and doing what is best for you!


I’m interested…what next?

First, that’s awesome!  Once you hit the Purchase Button, you’ll be taken to Paypal for secure payment.  You’ll receive an email confirming your payment and then you’ll receive your first 21-Day Total Body Detox email from me within 1 – 4 hours.

How much effort does this involve?  I’m already super busy and burnt out.

No, I get that.  And that’s why I’ve tried to provide you with as much support and help as possible to keep things easy.  First, the meal plan is set out for you but you don’t have to follow it exactly.  You can swap out recipes to double-up or batch cook.  Pick your favorites and make those often.  Once you receive the meal plan and recipes, the program is yours to adjust and tweak to your lifestyle and tastes.

Will I have to shop at speciality stores?

Nope, not if you don’t want to.  All the ingredients can be found at any grocery store and you don’t have to buy organic or specialty cuts of meat if that’s not within your budget.

Do I have to count calories?

Definitely not!  This is NOT your typical weight loss program – it’s a whole foods detox that’s designed to get the junk out and the good stuff in.  You eat when you’re hungry and you eat until you’re full.  I’m not a believer in counting calories unless it’s absolutely necessary.

What if I’m vegan?

There are multiple options for different diet preferences.  There are meat options plus vegetarian and vegan options.  In fact, most of the recipes are meat-free, as well as dairy- and gluten-free.

What if I have questions?  How can I get support?

I have a private Faceboook community to answer all your questions and provide support when needed.  All you have to do is request to join from one of the program emails.  I’m also available to answer questions via email (

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