Are carbs bad for you?

What about fat?

And protein?

Macronutrients (aka macros) are a hot topic in the mainstream nutrition world.


And, depending on who you’re following, you probably find very conflicting information about how much of each to consume.


There is only 1 nutrition concept that you must rely on for sustainable energy production and long-term health:


Your body NEEDS all 3 macros to survive and thrive!


Chronic Fatigue Recovery Nutrients


If you’re serious about beating long-term, bone-crushing exhaustion, you need to stop listening to so much of the mainstream nutritionists and health gurus.


Because fad diets like keto, low FODMAPs, and even, to many extents, Paleo or Whole30, are damaging the very hormones & tissues you need for strong energy production.


There is no short-list of vitamins and minerals to stock up to beat chronic fatigue.


B12. Iron. Zinc. Magnesium. Vitamin C.


Popular nutrients that claim to “boost energy”, when in reality, your body doesn’t work on single source nutrients.


Your ecosystem relies on all of the nutrients available in nature.  Vitamins and mineral, yes.


But also antioxidants, phytonutrients, carbs, fats, protein, enzymes, and so much more.


There is a risk in sourcing your nutrients from supplements.  Many create nutrient gaps elsewhere (for example, zinc zaps copper, another important energy-regulating nutrient).  And poor quality, cheap supplements have fillers, toxins, and chemicals that add more stress & inflammation.  That just worsens your nutrient gaps.


And, of course, prevents your energy production system from functioning. 


While high quality supplements may benefit many women, they only truly offer a top up to your nutritional needs when taken with a personalized whole foods-based diet.


Carbs and Fats


Vilified by media, both carbs and fats have a very important place in energy production.


Carbohydrates – the healthy ones – offer the highest amounts of antioxidants, antiviral, and stress support nutrients.


Your brain runs primarily on carbohydrates, so starving yourself of this crucial macro means more brain fog and mental confusion.


Healthy fats – the anti-inflammatory omega-3 ones – should be in all your meals and snacks.


Your cells rely on fat to maintain structural integrity.  Without integrity, energy production hormones can’t connect to signal energy needs, and energy regulating nutrients can’t get inside to fuel the process.


Your immune system needs healthy fats to release inflammation and calm the attack mechanism.


And your steroid hormones – cortisol, progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, etc. – all rely on healthy fats.  Plus, your nervous system and brain is mostly made up of fatty acids.


And Then There’s Protein


You know you need protein, right?


But maybe you didn’t realize that women with chronic fatigue – whether it’s stealth infection based or due to a high stress lifestyle – need extra protein each day.


At least 80 grams but more often 100 grams per day!


Most women I speak with are getting 25-45 grams.


Your immune cells are mostly protein.


Your hormones need protein to function.


And your muscles, including skeletal and cardiovascular, require adequate protein.


When you’re exhausted all the time, your immune system and stress response use up a lot of excess protein to keep you hanging on.


When you don’t refuel your protein needs, your body fails and exhaustion gets worse.


Sources of Protein


Protein comes from many whole foods – animal meats, seafood, fish, whole eggs, beans, lentils, and quinoa.


And most plant-based foods, on average, do have a wee bit of protein in them too.


But it’s very hard to get adequate protein from whole food alone.


Which is why I recommend that my clients include a high quality protein powder in their diets each day.


I recently tested out Naked Nutrition’s Chocolate Pea Protein Powder and was pleasantly surprised at the delicious taste and how well it assimilated in my body.

After my own energy healing journey to beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, my digestion has undergone a radical health transformation as well.  For me, digesting protein powders comes pretty easily but few avoid the protein powder bloat.


Naked Nutrition’s Chocolate Pea Protein is one of the few that did not cause any bloating afterwards!


The company uses as few ingredients as possible – pea protein, organic coconut sugar and raw organic cacao powder.


I enjoyed mine in a smoothie with spinach, almond milk, a frozen banana, and a quarter of an avocado!  (Talk about macro balancing!)


Is Collagen A Good Protein Source?


Collagen is an essential structural protein for healthy skin, tendons, hair, cartilage and bones. It plays a role in immune response, as well, making it another important nutrient to include in your chronic fatigue fighting repertoire.


While topical collagen products are popular to reverse aging or promote wound healing, the benefit of collagen supplementation actually occurs from within.


And, as collagen powder does provide a good source of this essential protein profile, adding a scoop to your daily smoothie bowl or grain-free porridge definitely helps you achieve your daily protein goal.


Naked Nutrition offers a tasteless, easily dissolved bovine hide collagen product – Collagen Peptides Protein Powder – that is free from artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

I can’t comment on its taste because, yes, you absolutely cannot taste this product in your smoothie, but I can say it blends nicely without any powder or chalky tastes.


Bottom Line


As a woman determine to beat chronic fatigue, your body needs all 3 macronutrients every single day.


Protein is crucial for energy healing, and the average woman with chronic exhaustion needs 100 grams per day.


Supplementation is a fine choice when it’s done for a solid reason, like when it’s hard to eat enough protein through meals alone.


Instead of wasting money on single-dose or formula-based vitamin and mineral supplements, choose wisely by opting for a delicious protein powder + collagen that will increase your natural healing processes.


And get YOU back to filing those reports way ahead of the deadlines, hitting milestones at work and earning recognition and promotions when you’re ready for them!


And help YOU feel like a supercharged woman in all areas of life that matter to you!


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