When I was 12, I caught pneumonia and never recovered fully.  My energy stayed so low that I had to quit all my favorite activities – gymnastics, figure skating, volleyball.  And I started struggling in school to stay focused.  To stay awake.  To keep my grades up.  Back then, I wanted to beat chronic fatigue but had no idea what that even meant!

Beat Chronic Fatigue

After I caught mono, my energy tanked more.  That’s when I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  CFS is a very real health problem – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


My exhaustion was bone-crushing.


I felt handcuffed by it.  I could hardly manage my 4 university courses each term.  If I stayed out past 10 PM, I paid for it for a week.  A single kickboxing class knocked me out of commission for days!


It felt like I was leading a wasted life.  No fun.  No friends.  No motivation for adventures, excitement, travel, or anything that adds joy, value and love to a person’s life.


I battled my CFS for over 20 years.  I was desperate to beat chronic fatigue, but nothing ever seemed to work.


I remember spending hours scouring the supplements aisle at Wal-Mart, trying to find something that would magically beat chronic fatigue naturally.


One time, a pyramid scheme supplements company roped me in with their promises of amazing energy, effortless weight loss, and the happiest life ever…That was a mistake!


No one could help me either.


Doctors gave me nonsense treatments like more rest, a multivitamin, and a referral to a psychologist!


Magazines, books, and the Internet taught me that there are a LOT of people out there who think they know about CFS…But most are full of crap and some treatments are dangerous!

myths about CFS recovery

The Myths About CFS


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a health condition that’s defined by 6+ months of extreme fatigue.  Typically, no medical reason is given for this, which is why most doctors don’t have a clue about how to help you beat chronic fatigue.


It’s tied to the Epstein Barr Virus – a person who has had an active EBV infection that turns into chronic exhaustion is then diagnosed with CFS. (Other viruses may be associated with CFS, too. Long-haul COVID tends to be very similar to CFS.)


Because of its ties to EBV, most people treat CFS with antiviral drugs or herbs.


Or they try to “boost” their immune system with high dose vitamins like C, zinc, or vitamin D.


None of these work because they miss the most important part in the process to beat chronic fatigue – root cause.

root causes of fatigue

How I Beat Chronic Fatigue Naturally


I stumbled upon my proven process to beat chronic fatigue syndrome naturally by chance.


It all began with a post-Birth Control Pill explosion of embarrassing, painful cystic acne.  That acne changed my life – I couldn’t leave the house, I called in sick to work to avoid being seen, and I KNEW that I had to do something to fix my skin if I wanted to live a somewhat normal life.


I started working with a naturopath who helped me immensely with my skin problems.  But what was very cool in working with her was that my energy started to improve for the first time in years.


And not a temporary improvement either.


My energy slowly but surely increased month after month…And this newfound energy led me to go back to school for Holistic Nutrition.


While studying for my certification, I started playing with the various health protocols we were taught, taking bits and pieces from different solutions.  Over 4 years, I tested out diet programs, supplements, combinations of protocols, and various foods.


Eventually I put it all together.


And created my proven Chronic Fatigue Recovery program!

Energy & Hormonal Rebalance System

The most important piece of this is to KNOW THE ROOT CAUSES first before wasting time on the wrong solutions. 


Break the Fatigue Cycle or Else…


The root cause of CFS, whether it’s post-viral fatigue or burnout related, is The Fatigue Cycle.


Two main underlying health imbalances feed into your Fatigue Cycle – a dysregulated stress response and low-grade inflammation. 

Fatigue Cycle

Together, these 2 imbalances turn off energy production at the cellular level.


Treatments for EBV, long-haul COVID, CFS or even burnout all focus on only a small portion of this Fatigue Cycle.


None of them break it…and THAT is the missing piece in most women’s struggle to fix their fatigue naturally.


You must break The Fatigue Cycle first or nothing is going to help you get back your energy and your life.


Remove the Triggers


Stress and a viral infection are just triggers to the Fatigue Cycle.  They’re not the cause of your exhaustion.


The cause is the fact that your body can’t keep up with stress, a virus, or other triggers that turn on the Fatigue Cycle.


Which is why the very first step in the proven process to beat chronic fatigue naturally is:


Remove the triggers to both stress and inflammation (where possible).

fatigue triggering foods

Foods like dairy and wheat are huge inflammation triggers.

And, too, the wrong supplements or high dose supplementation can create more stress or inflammation.


Refuel Your Nutrient Gaps


Think about your health on a scale of 0 – 10.


When you’re in perfect health, you’re a 10.


As health declines, you move down in the scale, but you don’t start to notice symptoms until you’re at about a 5 or 6.


This means that, for a while, your body has been doing its best to keep up with imbalances & problems.  And to do this, it has used up a lot of specific nutrients, stealing from other organs and tissues, and kicking in its survival mechanism.


This is stress.


By the time you notice symptoms, you’re already seriously nutrient deficient.


When you’re in a chronically exhausted state, you’ve got some BIG nutrient gaps.


And a few high dose vitamin C shots or a low-potency supplement formula is not going to fix that.


You need to understand the nutrient gaps.  And then refuel them all, consistently and simultaneously.


A huge problem with most EBV/CFS treatments is that they create bigger nutrient gaps!


High dose vitamin C lowers your master antioxidant levels, boosting inflammation & free radical damage.


High dose zinc leads to copper deficiencies.  Chronic fatigue is a symptom of low copper levels.


Too much vitamin D is toxic and adds load to your liver.  This, in turn, means the liver steals nutrients away from digestion, hormonal health and elimination function.


So, to beat chronic fatigue naturally, you need to refuel all the nutrient gaps, not just a few.


Restore Cellular Response to Nutrients


The Fatigue Cycle turns off cellular response to energy regulation nutrients.


When the Fatigue Cycle is spinning out of control, your cells can’t make energy.

stress causes chronic fatigue

The longer this goes on, the less sensitive cells are to these nutrients.  And damage from free radicals deforms cellular walls, making it harder and harder for your energy nutrients to pass through.


Don’t worry – this is all reversible with proper nutrition!


In this phase, it’s important to regulate the health of your cells.


This means reducing overall inflammation further, enjoying more foods that feed your cells specifically, and rebalancing the hormones that help in energy production (like cortisol, thyroid, and estrogen).


Create a Resilient Stress Response


Doing the work to beat chronic fatigue is wonderful, but you want the changes to stick, right?


Therefore it’s so important to build up a strong, resilient stress response.


Stress is the #1 trigger of chronic fatigue.


Stress depletes your immunity.  It boosts inflammation.  It kills off your good gut microbiome.  It turns off cellular energy production.


Stress is the one area of our lives that is difficult to control 100%, too.


But we can restore the health of our stress response – refuel and strengthen the entire mechanism.


A strong, resilient stress response feels like calm in the face of a storm.  It’s tackling the chores, projects and appointments with grace and ease.  It’s feeling happy and in control despite being dealt an unexpected hand.

clear path the CFS recovery

A Clear, Proven Path to Beat Chronic Fatigue Naturally


I know you want to reboot your energy and get back to living your best life ever.


You want to wake up feeling refreshed, excited to start your day.


You’d love to get more work done in less time and earn yourself that promotion or position you’re passionate about.


And I know you’re determined to beat chronic fatigue so you can play with your kids at the end of the day.  Be intimate and fun with your partner again.  And create a life that’s full of love, joy and adventures.


Right now, you’re stuck.


All because your treatments haven’t been aligned with all your health and energy goals.


All they’ve done is mask the symptoms, often only temporarily.


So, if you’re ready to end the confusion and get access to a clear, proven path to beat chronic fatigue naturally, then check out the Energy & Hormonal Rebalance System.


No one should live with chronic fatigue, especially for longer than 6 months!  You deserve to have a happy, healthy, energized, and exciting life!  Let’s get you started today.


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