Refuel your nutrient gaps and hit your energy, focus and hormonal balance goals fast!


Ever feel like you’re eating healthy, but your body just isn’t responding?  At least not to phenomenal energy or laser-sharp focus that you really want.  Well, most likely you’re missing a crucial piece of the puzzle – you need to refuel your nutrient gaps!


Refuel Your Nutrient Gaps

Clean Eating is Healthy, Right?


Back in 2007, I realized it was time to do something about my own health.  Like, really take action.


I’d seen a picture of me, and I was mortified.  I was fat, my skin was pale and sallow, and I looked like I was on the verge of some major disease.


Without a lot of guidance (I was too proud to ask for help, of course!), I started to eat clean (and count calories…).  I set a goal to lose 30 lbs and I hit it in 5 ½ months.


And I thought that would fix everything – my exhaustion, acne, gas & bloating after every meal, and the awful brain fog that made it so hard for me to concentrate or recall details at work.


My confidence…(nope).


The only things I noticed were that I felt happier, and I was able to finally feel comfortable in a pair of jeans!


But my health?  That still wasn’t anywhere close to where I wanted to be.  Because I still hadn’t figured out that missing piece – that you need to refuel your nutrient gaps!


Nutrient Gaps Explained


You’ve probably heard of nutrient deficiencies, right?


A nutrient deficiency is when you’re not taking in (via food) or making (via your body) enough nutrients.  This includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and even macros.


Nutrition for Higher Energy


A nutrient gap is slightly different.


Your entire body is interconnected and runs on nutrients as fuel.  Certain parts of your body are more important – they maintain survival and safety.


The heart, the brain and liver, for example, are top priority organs.


As are the adrenals – they keep you safe from threats by triggering your “fight or flight” response.  (You know, that one where the sabre-toothed tiger is always after you???)


Certain conditions, such as chronic stress, will use up as much fuel as they need to keep you alive.


Which means that nutrients needed for survival are taken away from lesser important organs.  These include digestion, reproduction, and mitochondria.


You may be taking in enough of the right nutrients BUT if you’ve got an imbalance in where those nutrients are going…


…you’ve got the perfect condition for nutrient gaps to pop up!


Which means, your diet needs a tweak to refuel your nutrient gaps.  So that all your organs, tissues and cells can thrive and function optimally.


Common Nutrient Gaps


I love a good myth.  (Also, an exciting conspiracy theory and a chilling ghost story, but we’ll save those for another day!)


But first, a pop quiz!


What nutrients do you think are most commonly deficient in women with fatigue or burnout???


I’ll give you a moment…


…and guess that you probably thought of iron, vitamin B12, water or even adrenal adaptogens!


Because these are the ones most doctors are taught to look at when a woman complains about chronic exhaustion (when he’s not brushing her off as “hysterical”, that is…).


After studying holistic nutrition and health protocols for years and creating a very specific, proven nutrition plan to put CFS and burnout into remission (in as little as 6 months)…


…I’ve discovered that there are common nutrient gaps almost always overlooked.


And that means, women suffer needlessly for so much longer!


Stress Support Nutrition


#1 Cause of Nutrient Gaps


Without going into details, the main cause of chronic fatigue, burnout, brain fog, belly fat and all the hormonal imbalance symptoms is STRESS.  You can read more about that here.


Chronic stress uses up so many precious nutrients that it’s no wonder our bodies feel so “off”!


We’re exhausted.

We’re foggy.

We’re frustrated!


Because it seems like there is NOTHING anyone can do for us, right?


The “clean eating” diet plans don’t help.

The various supplements won’t move the needle.

And more sleep and self-care just seem to make the exhaustion worse.


There’s a reason for all this!


You have to refuel your nutrient gaps!


Nutrients Lost to Chronic Stress


To refuel your nutrient gaps, all it takes is a structured, targeted diet.


One that makes sure you’re getting the most important nutrients your whole body needs to thrive and function optimally.


Every single one of my clients starts off with the following nutrient gaps.


And every single woman at least doubles her energy in 3 weeks when she starts her personalized nutrition plan!


Here’s what you need to refuel most:


The entire B complex family:  Vitamin B1 and B2 are needed for mitochondria health.  Vitamins B5 and B6 are lost in huge amounts under chronic stress.


Vitamin C: Your adrenals suck up a lot of vitamin C when battling stressors.


Magnesium:  Chronic stress is a huge drain, but so is inflammation and poor mitochondria function.


Essential fatty acids:  Healthy fat fuels the steroid hormones.  Most women aren’t getting enough cholesterol for the stress hormones to be healthy.  And your nervous system feeds off omega-3 fatty acids.


Sodium:  Feeling dehydrated?  Add Himalayan rock salt to your water instead of drinking more.


How to Easily Refuel Your Nutrient Gaps Fast


The worst way to refuel your nutrient gaps is to start searching for meal plans or foods lists on Google!


Too many articles and blog posts on the Internet focus on generic, high-level “tips” that won’t serve you.  Or help you reach your health goals.


Taking supplements based on what Dr. Google says is dangerous.  You risk taking too many, buying toxic formulas or combining certain ones in ways that add more stress to your body.


And the longer you try to fix your energy problems alone, the longer you’ll feel exhausted, foggy, frumpy and frustrated!


Which means, the first step is to flip the way you think about your health…


…and ask for help!


Personalized Energy Nutrition


6 Months to Higher Energy, Hormonal Balance & Laser-Sharp Focus


It makes me so happy to see women taking responsibility for their own health.


They’re researching more natural solutions.

They’re questioning the narrative of their medical professionals.

And they’re expanding their minds into alternative ways to be healthier versions of themselves.


Best of all, more women are putting themselves first!


And the fastest way to get rid of the fatigue, ditch the brain fog, and eliminate the confusing array of hormonal imbalance systems is to get personal!


Personalized nutrition is the only way to know that you’re getting guidance and support for what your body needs.


And it’s food that moves the needle fastest.  Not supplements.


You’re unique, which means you need a unique, “just-for-you” perspective on what to eat, when to eat and how to enjoy your favorite foods while skyrocketing your energy!


To refuel your nutrient gaps in a healthy, quick way, you need to know yours on a deep, personal level.


Inside my Energy & Hormonal Rebalance System, I assess each client on a monthly basis and work with her to create a personal health plan that is in 100% alignment with her goals. 


If you’re interested in learning more about the program or working with me, I invite you to check out the details by clicking here!



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