Glued to my couch, so exhausted I couldn’t even concentrate on an episode of Friends, I kept asking myself, “what’s the next quick & easy energy solution I can try?”.  I mean, when you’re that debilitated from fatigue, it’s hard not to want the simplest, fastest way to feel better, right?


And, yes, I tried so many quick & easy energy remedies that I was flabbergasted when, 20 years later, I was still a mess!


Why?  Why were none of the quick & easy energy boosting supplements, meal plans, nutrition programs or medications working???


Quick & Easy Energy Remedies Keep You Exhausted


The Tortoise & The Hare


Kids’ stories always have the best messages, don’t they?  Yet, as adults, we tend to forget the very beneficial ideas we’ve learned.


I’m guilty of going full-out whenever I can in life.  Between cramming 5 exams into an 8-week period on top of working at full-time (with OT) job, or deciding to take on a huge industry certification endeavour while also going to school part-time (and still working FT), I’m done my fair share of highly ambitious undertakings to get ahead.


Add in chronic fatigue and burnout to the mix, and I’m surprised I survived, honestly.


Because I was beyond exhausted for YEARS between my physical & emotional fatigue and my self-induced workload.


Which brings me back to The Tortoise and The Hare.


Tortoise & Hare


The hare wanted to win fast, go hard, and give it his all to finish the race.  He failed.  He thought it would be quick & easy, given his inherent speed, to just push through and do what he knew.


But he gave up, believing he could just slack off and the finish line would always be there for him to win the race.


The tortoise, on the other hand, knew that he had no choice but to take that race slowly.  And he kept on moving the entire time.  One step forward with each moment in time.


And he won.  Because he kept pushing through and doing the hard work – moving at a steady pace despite his bulk and weight.


And this is how it works with chronic fatigue & burnout recovery – slow and steady is what wins the race!


What You’re Doing Wrong


It’s never fun to be told you’re doing something wrong, especially when you’re already confused about what you’re supposed to do.


But it’s so important to know that most of the energy boosting tips & ideas you’ll find either online or in mainstream medicine aren’t gonna work for you.


So now you can stop wasting time, energy and money on them.


Stop Wasting Time on Quick & Easy Energy


Here’s the thing – your chronic fatigue & burnout have a root cause.


To reverse your exhaustion and re-energize your body, the treatments and remedies you choose have to target those root causes.


And almost every single fad diet, energy supplement, medication, or other treatment does not do this.


It’s not your fault that what you’re doing up to this point is wrong, either.


It’s just that a lot of people have a lot of uneducated opinions about what boosts energy.  And a lot of money has been spent to market “energy boosting” to the public.


As someone who has tried almost every single avenue of “energy boosting” treatments, I know firsthand just how big of a waste these are for women like you.


The Quick & Easy Energy Boosting Problem


When you’re sick with exhaustion each day, unable to stay focused at work and pull it together to make a good dinner at night, you want quick & easy energy solutions, right?


Makes sense – the very thought of some complicated, all-in solution makes you more tired, doesn’t it?


A big concern for fatigued women is finding the energy to do what needs to be done to fix their fatigue. 


Stressed and Tired Woman


But when you choose the quick & easy energy remedies, you’ll only stay stuck where you’re at longer.


Quick & easy energy solutions – supplements, fad diets, superficial meal plans, medical treatments – do NOT focus on the root causes of your chronic fatigue or burnout!


Instead, they often create bigger nutrient gaps that lead to more fatigue.


They add more stress to your exhausted state of mind, worsening your Fatigue Cycle.


And they focus on symptoms, not root causes, leaving you feeling more confused & frustrated when things don’t work out as promised.


The more stress you add to your life, the worse your fatigue will become.


The Proven Path To Higher Energy


Are you committed and determined to fix your fatigue naturally?  Like, for life, in a way that’s sustainable and maintainable?


Then ditch the quick & easy energy boosting remedies and move on.


Because you’re not doing your body any favors by following the fad diets (keto, Paleo, Whole30, etc).


Fad Diets Don't Work


You’re not helping the imbalances behind your Fatigue Cycle by taking a variety of supplements that do not align with the root causes.


If you’re serious about fixing your fatigue, there is a simple solution for you.


It’s the Tortoise method, the slow & steady, yet highly effective and powerful, road to successfully recovering from chronic fatigue & burnout.


The #1 factor you must always keep in mind when kickstarting your energy is this:


Your solutions cannot cause more stress to your body & mind!




Because chronic stress is at the heart of chronic fatigue & burnout!


So, obviously (I hope), you don’t want to add any more stress to your life with your program to feel more energized.


And the proven, safe, and effective way to do this is to take it slooooow.


Like the Tortoise.


One or two steps at a time.


Until those feel good, habitual, and normal.


Then you take two or three more.


And over 4-6 months (which isn’t that long), you’ll notice massive improvements in your energy.  In your hormonal health.  In your mental focus.  In your body’s overall ability to function and keep you doing the things you want.


The BIGGEST mistake women with fatigue make is trying to go all-in with some type of surface-level, quick & easy energy boosting solution.


And now that you know this?  Well, you can start looking for solutions that align with your energy goals.  Solutions that keep your stress levels stable while simultaneously breaking your Fatigue Cycle, refuelling your Nutrient Gaps, and rebuilding your strong & resilient stress response.


For long-term, sustainable, maintainable energy and health. 


Click here to learn more about what this solution looks like for you.


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