Are you doing everything you can to keep your immune system strong?

Today, more than ever, it’s vital to focus on your health.  To take actual proactive steps to improve your immunity and your overall health.


It’s also time to stop sitting back, waiting for diseases and illnesses to hit and to just blindly go for a prescription or over-the-counter pill…because that’s not enough.


You have a responsibility to take care of your own health, to stay as healthy as possible and set your body up to defend against viruses.


Because most of us aren’t doing enough…


And many of us are setting our immunity up for disaster…


The Stress – Immunity Factor


Chronic stress is the number one cause of illness.  All illness.


As busy, ambitious women, we can’t stop the stress in our lives but we can take back some control.  And optimize how our stress hormones perform so that we’re kept energized and healthy.


Ever wonder how stress becomes chronic stress and then becomes illness?

We get exposed to stress all the time, especially in our modern society.


Stressors come from a variety of angles too – commuting and traffic stress, toxins and pollutants in our environments, career stress, negative self-talk, childbirth, trauma, past illnesses, too much caffeine or exercise, demanding families, toxic relationships…


It’s hard, well, impossible to avoid all the stressors in our lives.  And we take on a lot ourselves trying to be the perfect wife, daughter, mother, and worker.


Eventually, your body’s natural stress response goes haywire (ya, that’s the technical term!) and suddenly your reactions to stress become unwieldy.


When you’re chronically stressed, cortisol – your main stress hormone – triggers low-grade inflammation.  This low-grade inflammation triggers your immune system to always be “on”, producing the cells needed to keep viruses and bacteria at bay.


Eventually, chronic low-grade inflammation downregulates your immune system and it loses its defenses.


Inflammation & Energy Relationship


Another huge problem for overall good health and defenses is fatigue.


What do you feel like eating or doing when you’re tired all the time?


If you’re like most people, you turn to comfort foods (aka carbs and high fat foods), and you generally don’t feel like doing much beyond sitting on the couch or sleeping.

The wrong foods and not enough daily movement further increase inflammation.


And inflammation is strongly tied to chronic fatigue.


To improve energy, we need to reduce inflammation.


And to reduce inflammation, we need to change up how we eat and optimize our hormones to manage stress in a healthy way.


It’s Your Responsibility


No one can improve your health better than you can.


After all, you’re the one who makes decisions about your health; you’re the one who controls how much and what you eat; and you’re the one who can prioritize your self-care.


Within my Energy & Hormone Rebalance system, my clients work on reducing and rebalancing the 5 main health problems associated with chronic fatigue, brain fog and poor sleep.


And our first step is always to reduce chronic low-grade inflammation.  Not only will this help boost energy and sleep, but it improves their overall health and immunity.


You have the responsibility to do whatever you can to boost your immunity, now and going forward.

The top 3 ways you can help improve your overall health and your energy levels are:


  1. Practice daily self-care for at least 30 minutes…put yourself first, no excuses!
  2. Ditch the top 3 pro-inflammatory food groups – refined sugar and artificial sweeteners, dairy, and gluten.
  3. Get outside for 30 minutes and move…a leisurely walk, a run, a bike ride – anything goes.




Now, more than ever, we need to start putting ourselves and our health first.


As busy, ambitious women with a lot going on in life, I know it’s hard to take a step back.  I know it’s hard to not give into the demands of everyone else in your life.


But, for the sake of your own health and the sake of the health of those around you, give yourself time to relax, eat good food, and move your body every single day.


You deserve to feel your best, and you alone have the control over how well your immunity will persist, now and in the future.


If you’re not sure where to start or what your body needs for immunity and stress support, then join my free Facebook group to ask questions and get answers.

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