Objections, objections…When I speak to women about improving their health, getting their hormones back into alignment with their goals, and finally starting to see their waistlines shrink, I often get a lot of objections.


Time, money, lifestyle…these are 3 of the biggest ones.  But another one that totally makes me cringe is the objection about upcoming vacations.  Because, for some reason, most women believe vacation equates to “blowing a diet”.


When, in fact, this can be one of the easiest times to keep your fat burning going!

Why You Can’t Lose Weight On Vacation


Okay, let’s start with what could potentially hold you back…


Believing that a vacation means a “free for all” when it comes to food and eating is probably your biggest roadblock to losing weight.  And, I do totally get it – we want to “let go” and indulge while relaxing and enjoying ourselves, right?


Poor choices on vacation will ultimately come back to haunt you.  Even if you do start the vacation with balanced hormones and low inflammation.  Eating the wrong foods or deciding to go all-out with sugary drinks and desserts…these WILL block you from losing weight!


And make it all that much harder to get back on track when you go home.

Shift Your Mindset to Be Successful


You don’t have to forego all the indulgences while travelling in the name of weight loss and health.  You just need to be strategic.


One of my favorite things about travel is trying new foods and learning about new cooking techniques and flavors.  I am a food fanatic and will plan entire vacations around where I want to eat!  Nothing disappoints me more than to travel across the globe only to be faced with North American deep-fried and “fast” foods.  I will search high and low for local foods and hole-in-the-wall restaurants to try over anything that I can find back home!


And I never stop enjoying food.  Yet I still maintain my weight!


When your hormones are balanced (and have been balanced for months or years), you’ll be more likely to enjoy pretty much anything you want while traveling.  An extra bonus to this is that, honestly, you’ll also more likely gravitate towards more healthy, hormonally balancing foods too.


Hormonal balance means less desire for sugar, high-carb meals or junk.  You’ll understand your body and how it’ll react to certain foods, and just intuitively steer clear of the worst offenders.


It helps to look at your entire day ahead of time, too.  If there is a restaurant you really want to try and you know they have an amazing cheesecake that you just HAVE to have, well, plan the rest of your food for that day to be healthier.


It’s all about balance and thinking ahead to how you’ll feel with your food choices.


For those of you who aren’t quite at the intuitive, strategic eating stage yet, I do have some awesome tips to keep you on track!

High Fat Low Carb Breakfast


Always, where ever possible, eat a high fat / low carb breakfast.  Avoid anything with grains, sugar or dairy in it, such as waffles, pancakes, toast, cereal, yogurt, or muffins.


Instead, choose foods like eggs, bacon, sausage, vegetables, some fruit, nuts and grain-free breads or foods.  (Tip:  When traveling outside North America, look for local foods because many places simply don’t eat the grains and sugar we do!)


Limit the Sugary Drinks


I get it – you’re at a tropical resort so you want to try their tropical drinks!  Don’t!  Sure, they may taste good but how do you actually feel after you have it???  (Me?  I feel sick to my stomach and have a massive headache, plus I feel super bloated.  And usually end up sick with a cold.)


Instead, look for alternatives.  There are margaritas on the rocks with just tequila and real lime juice; “skinny chi chi” which is coconut vodka, pineapple vodka and plain old pineapple juice; dry wines; and, of course, vodka or gin with soda.


Especially steer clear of anything with syrup, mixes or milk or cream!


Move Every Day


You don’t have to hit the gym or fun 5 miles every morning.  But make sure you’re moving every day.  If that means a long walk on the beach each evening or taking part in a resort’s pool activities, that’s okay!


Just make sure you’re moving every single day to keep your muscles burning through any excess sugar.

Protein and Vegetables at Dinner


Most of my travels take me to beach locations so I am never without dinner options!  I love fish and it’s so delicious when fresh.


Even if you’re inland, always choose dinner options that are mainly a protein and lower carb vegetables.  Legumes and beans for vegetarians are a good choice; try to avoid too much rice.


Relax and Enjoy the Scenery


Even though you should move every single day, it’s also very, very helpful to just sit and relax for a few hours each day.


Take time for yourself to enjoy the sunshine, a good book, a massage or take in a lovely local sight.  This will help lower your overall cortisol (stress hormone) levels, which will help to prevent belly fat storage.


My most slimming vacation was the one where I spent almost 6 straight hours every day laying by the pool reading!  This was exactly what my body needed to de-stress…and my stomach sure did show.

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