My first real vacation was to Florida when I was 23 and I caught the travel bug.  I remember stepping off the plane in Fort Lauderdale and taking in the humid, fresh air with palm trees swaying in the background.  Heaven!


Since then, I’ve dedicated time and money to travel at least twice each calendar year.  I do prefer hot locations but I’m a history and architecture buff, too, so I have a bucket list a mile long for places in Europe and Asia.

The Conundrum


Back when I was fat, I would get super excited for the upcoming vacation.


But, 2-3 weeks before we were set to leave, I’d panic. Why?  Well, because I had done NOTHING to slim down and tone up in order to wear my favorite beach clothes or bikini.  (Okay, let’s be honest, when I was fat, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a bikini…just saying.)


So, I would pull together this “plan” to eat less and exercise more.  It would do well for about 3 days; then I’d get so dang tired I’d give up and eat whatever until the next Monday, when I’d start again.


And, you guessed it, by the time we left for the airport, I was not in a good place.  I felt fat and frumpy.  I was depressed.  I had no self-confidence.  My clothes were too tight.  It was awful.


Fast Forward to Now

After I lost my weight and, after years of struggles, finally figured out how to keep it off, vacation life got so much easier!


In fact, I actually tend to lose weight on vacation now, not gain. I eat a lot of good food and often enjoy too many adult beverages.  But I still feel slim and confident in my bikini (yes, now I can wear one in public).


What’s the difference between now and then?


Sure, I lost weight.  But, as many of you probably already know, keeping it off? THAT is a whole different ballgame!


I struggled for over 5 years to keep the weight off.  I was really determined and I’m a total Type A control freak, so I did whatever I could to keep it off.


And I lost my battle more than a few times…my saving grace was this one pair of purple pants.  When they got way too tight to wear – causing actually stomach pains – that’s when I knew to back off and restart some diet.


Only, this sucked!  I hated dieting.  Feeling deprived and isolated from friends and good food was not fun!  And I just got so fed up with my pattern of weekly healthy eating followed by weekend binges that I knew I had to figure out a different way.


And I did, which is how my Belly Fat Solution came to exist.

Keeping the Weight Off for over 10 Years!


My secret to success hasn’t been counting calories or watching what I eat.  In fact, I tend to just eat what I want without too much worry.  Some of my favorite foods are pizza and chicken wings. And I eat them often.


Now, the difference is probably in the fact that, over the years, with my nutrition expertise guiding me, I’ve learned HOW to eat to keep my body balanced.  Specifically, keep bloat-causing inflammation at bay.  And, maintain hormonal balance to ditch cravings and boost energy and motivation.


This wasn’t an easy feat…I struggled with diet protocols and trying fad programs.  Until one day, I cracked the code!


Keeping the weight off means eating the right foods for hormonal health.  It means choosing foods that keep you full longer and rebalance the hormones and digestive issues that can directly lead to cravings and hunger and belly fat.


And, best of all, once you learn this stuff, you can travel! And eat whatever!  And NOT worry about your weight or your belly getting puffy! Seriously!


I am still astounded every time I vacation at how easy it is to not get fat!  It IS possible!


[If you’re looking for more clarity into this concept, I’m here to help!  Just click here to connect!]

Amazing fish tacos from Big Corn Island, Nicaragua!

Travel Tips to Keep the Weight Off


One caveat before I share my travel tips to keep you from gaining holiday weight…this isn’t a list of ways to lose weight.  Only to maintain once you already know what you’re doing!


But, you can start with these tips now to help avoid that weight gain on your next travel experience.  However, if your hormones are out of whack and you have chronic low-grade inflammation, you may need a bit of extra support.


  1. No grains at breakfast.Choose healthy fat and protein and some low-carb vegetables instead.
  2. Choose dairy-free milks or yogurts over dairy.Dairy is pro-inflammatory.
  3. Stick to the lowest sugar alcohol options, like dry wine, margaritas on the rocks, vodka and soda, skinny chi chi, etc.
  4. Be active every day, like a long morning walk on the beach.Nothing too crazy required.
  5. Relax, read a book, and soak up the sun. Do things that are relaxing.
  6. Avoid scheduling too much into your trip to avoid stressing yourself out.
  7. Eat the local foods, especially protein and vegetable sources, often.Avoid searching for McDonald’s or other common ‘back home’ meal varieties.
  8. Enjoy your meals distraction free and pay attention to your hunger cues.
  9. Enjoy healthy fat at every single meal.
  10. Stick to just one dessert each day, if you feel the need.
  11. Skip the unnecessary breads and buns at your meals – have a hamburger without a bun, ask for no bread on the side, etc.

My favourite Latin American / Caribbean dish – Ropa Vieja. I cannot skip this one during my travels!



My tips have helped me maintain my weight and keep it off while on vacation many, many times.  Essentially, your goal is to relax more and reduce your stress levels.  So, you should also try to avoid eating foods that spike cortisol and inflammation too!


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