Boy, do I get it – you’re busy.  You lead a hectic lifestyle.  It can be hard to fit in exercise, right?  You set good intentions to exercise the next day but something always seems to get in the way, especially on the weekends.  But, with a little help, there are ways to exercise despite a very hectic lifestyle.

Read on for my personal ‘tried and true’ methods for staying on track!

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Okay, okay, we ALL know that regular activity is essential for overall health.


Exercise helps keep bones and muscles strong and toned. And, it improves cardiovascular health by reducing your risk of stroke, heart attack and arterial diseases.


Moving gets your blood pumping and increases the amount of nutrients available to your brain and organs, improving mood and cognitive functions.  Because your brain gets clean, nutrient-dense blood flowing through it, exercise can help improve sleep quality as well.


Exercise boosts your metabolism and reduces blood sugar imbalances that can lead to unexplained weight gain.  Insulin sensitivity and nutrient uptake are enhanced and your body is better able to utilize energy so that less is stored as fat.


“I Don’t Have Time!”


If you have a hectic lifestyle and don’t have time to fit in a 60-minute workout, you can benefit from just 10-20 minutes of body weight exercises each day.  Because you don’t need any equipment for most body weight exercises, you can do these anywhere, including vacation!  (Or is it just me who is excited that they can still work out on vacation?)


Scour the Internet for bodyweight exercises you can do.  Create your own mini-circuit with 30-60 second intervals per exercise.


Download a free app that already has bodyweight workouts made for you.  Many have a bunch of free workouts along with paid programs you can opt into.  I find apps like this very helpful to keep me on track with my hectic lifestyle!


“I Don’t Know What to Do!”


This is a common concern, too.  Aside from using a free app, you can also find a quick and dirty workout at a local gym or fitness center.  Each week at the Y here in Calgary, someone makes up a new interval-style workout and displays it on the whiteboard.  This is perfect for people who get to the gym without a plan.


I find that more and more gyms are on the ball and setting up shorter classes.  They finally understand that a hectic lifestyle doesn’t always allow for those 60 or 90 minute classes.


You can get an excellent workout from just 30 minutes a day, doing anything you love.


Try running, cycling, or walking on that insane stairmaster machine at the gym!  (It’s seriously tough!)


Pick up a few weights, a kettlebell and a medicine ball, and throw together a quick 30-minute routine.


Anything that gets your body moving counts!

Hectic Lifestyle | Holistic Nutrition

“But I Don’t Like the Gym!”


Hey, not everyone loves the gym.  Not everyone wants to spend time in a sweaty complex surrounded by overly confident bulky men, either.


You don’t need a gym membership to be active.  All you need is the motivation and the knowledge to get started.


What do you like to do?


If you like dancing, sign up for a dance class, or a dance-fusion workout like Zumba or High Fitness.


If you like running, join a running club or commit to running a few times each week.


“I’m Just Not Motivated!”


If it weren’t for my husband, I doubt I would still be going to the gym every morning before work.  Having someone to keep you motivated is a great way to stay active with a hectic lifestyle.


Ask a friend to sign up for a class together.  Find a club or organization that sounds like fun and get out and meet a few people.


See if a co-worker is willing to go for a walk with you at lunch every day.


There are tons of ways to stay motivated when you have a partner in crime.

Hectic Lifestyle | Holistic Nutrition



Staying in shape while leading a hectic lifestyle can be a challenge. But, remember that exercise is proven to ward of disease.  Exercise keeps your mind focused and your body fluid to maintain flexibility and strength.  Not to mention boosted immunity so you get sick less often!



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