There is still a lot of controversy over chronic fatigue syndrome.  Chronic exhaustion in general is a little confusing too. People with chronic fatigue often live with a number of confusing health symptoms.  Most doctors initially dismissed chronic fatigue as a health issue.  It was called the “yuppie flu” for years.  Yet one thing has stood out from years of research.  A reduction in your inflammation may be the key to beat chronic fatigue.


Key to Beat Chronic Fatigue


With some health issues, it isn’t as simple as visiting the doctor for a prescription.  Treating the symptom doesn’t always help you feel better.


Inflammation is at the heart of many illnesses and diseases, like adrenal dysfunction, allergies, heart disease and cancer.  Addressing inflammation naturally is likely the key to beat chronic fatigue.


Your Immune System


Your immune system is a fighter.


When you’re sick or you stub your toe, your immune system kicks into gear.  It heals tissues, removes pathogens and makes you feel better again. This is known as ‘acute’ inflammation.


Chronic, low-grade inflammation occurs from persistent stimuli that trigger your immune response.  Things like sugar, stress, worry and lack of sleep can all trigger inflammation.


Key to Beat Chronic Fatigue


Your brain is very sensitive to inflammation.  Studies done on people with chronic fatigue show that their blood tests come back with elevated levels of C-reactive protein and other indicators of inflammation.


Parts of the brain responsible for motivation and activity are highly vulnerable to high levels of pro-inflammatory compounds.  These compounds are found in toxins, certain foods and chemicals from personal care products.


Inflammation also affects cellular metabolism, the energy pathways and the stress response, all of which increase levels of fatigue.


Therefore, a major key to beat chronic fatigue is to start reducing inflammation!

Fatigue Rescue Kit

Natural Anti-Inflammatories


Inflammation is one of the easier health conditions to treat naturally.  Proper nutrition, moderate and regular exercise and stress management all dramatically reduce inflammation.


Anti-inflammatory foods are key to beat chronic fatigue.  Load up your diet on foods like extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes (for most people, unless you have a nightshade sensitivity), dark green leafy vegetables, almonds, walnuts, and wild-caught salmon.


Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, walnuts, ground flaxseeds and olive oil are especially key to boosting your immunity.


Chronic low-grade inflammation causes free radical production.  Antioxidant-rich foods neutralize damaging free radicals.  Choose brightly colored, fresh fruits and vegetables, especially berries, bell peppers and oranges.


And, get adequate fiber too.  You can get good amounts of fiber from fruits and vegetables as well as from legumes, beans and whole grains.


Skeletal movement helps to remove toxins from your immune system.  You’ve probably experienced this effect if you’ve ever gone for a walk while battling a cold. For me, moving always helps clear my head and make me feel a little better.  For a few hours anyway.


And, ensure you’re practicing stress management as much as possible.  Chronic fatigue may be related to adrenal fatigue, too.  And both can benefit a lot from proper self-care and stress management.




A key to beat chronic fatigue involves removal of as many pro-inflammatory foods from your diet as you can.  Replace them with healthy, whole foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber.


If you’re curious to learn more about inflammation’s role in chronic fatigue, check out the links below.




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