It’s officially spring and that means it’s the perfect time for a detox!  After a long, cold winter during, a springtime detox can help eliminate any toxins that have built up.  Ever noticed that this time of year renders many people sick with a cold?  Well, that is just one of the many signs that your body needs a detox!


Your Body Needs a Detox | 10 Signs | 21-Day Detox


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring and fall are the best times of the year for a detox program.  In the spring, the liver especially benefits from a little help cleansing the body of toxins that sit stagnate all winter while we hunker down on the couch with a cozy blanket!


Plus, as our energy levels and diets change to align with springtime activities, our bodies are receptive to changes that help promote detoxification, too.


Signs Your Body Needs a Detox


Not everyone believes in the whole ‘detox’ trend, I know!  And, to be honest, I’m not part of the juice cleanse or boxed detox program crowd either.  Instead, I believe that your body needs a detox program that promotes overall rejuvenation of nutrients and energy.


And, there are some distinct signs that your body needs a detox so keep reading to see if you might benefit this spring!




This winter has been rough on my energy levels.  I was doing well until mid-February and then – bam! – I was hit hard by extreme fatigue that no amount of sleep seemed to fix!


Fatigue is a sure sign that your body needs a detox.  A little love from whole foods, especially those rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, can go a long way to preparing your body for all the fun and games you’ll have once the snow melts!


Increased Cravings


When the cold weather hits, we naturally turn towards warming, comfort foods.  Many of these are rich in refined carbs, unfortunately, and eventually you may find that you’re eating more pasta, breads or even sugary treats than you do in the summer.


If you’ve been hit be incessant sugar or carb cravings, this is your body telling you it needs a detox!


Cut back on annoying cravings by eating a whole foods-based diet that’s free from refined grains and sugars for the fastest results.


21 Day Total Body Detox | Boost Energy


Stubborn Belly Fat or Weight Gain


Poor food choices and less energy can lead to winter weight gain, for sure.  But, toxic build-up can also play a role in stubborn fat loss.  Switch up your diet to one that promotes healthy foods and fewer processed one to give your liver a break.  And, a healthy liver is key for boosting metabolism and promoting fat loss.


Increased Acne, Eczema or Rosacea


Your skin is one of your 5 detoxification organs.  When your liver can’t handle all the toxins thrown at it, your other organs must pick up the slack.  And, one pretty obvious sign your body needs a detox is seen in the quality of your skin.  Healthy, glowing skin is a sign of good health, while acne, eczema and rosacea may signal that the liver is overburdened.


Anxiety, Depression, Brain Fog and/or Poor Memory


The mind is another often overlooked detoxification organ, too.  Mental health issues or difficulty concentrating might also mean your body needs a detox.  And, if you’ve noticed more negative thoughts and self-criticism, it’s time to focus on a clean diet and perhaps even some lifestyle detoxification efforts!


Unexplained Bloating


Bloating may not be the first symptom that pops into your head when you think ‘detox’ but it can be one of the first signals that a different approach to health is required.  Poor diet and an imbalance gut microbiome primarily cause bloating. This, in turn, increases inflammation throughout your body and puts added stress on the liver.


Hormonal Imbalances


Signs of a hormonal imbalance include PMS, menstrual cramping, stubborn belly fat, sugar cravings, and adrenal fatigue.


Your liver is responsible for detoxifying excess hormone.  Your colon (via elimination) removes these detoxified hormones.  So, when the liver and digestive tract become sluggish, hormonal imbalances occur.


Joint Pain or Muscle Aches


Yes, even pain indicates a toxic body!  Inflammation is one sign your body needs a detox and inflammation often manifests as pain in the joints and muscles.


Bags Under Your Eyes


Remember how I said there were 5 detoxification organs?  The kidneys are the 4th in this system. And, you get dark circles under your eyes when the kidneys are overburdened. Crazy, right?


Poor Immunity


Stagnant toxins and substances can increase your risk of developing colds, flus and other illnesses. Your immune system can take a lot but by the end of winter, after months of sitting around, those toxins build up and you get sick.


Other Signs Your Body Needs a Detox


This list of 10 signs your body needs a detox isn’t exhaustive!  In fact, other symptoms, like trouble sleeping, headaches, sinus congestion, bad breath and constipation can all be signs your body needs a detox.


Start Today!


I’m a firm believer in the power of real, whole foods and I’ve put this belief into the development of a 21-day detoxification program that won’t leave you starving or deprived.


If you’re ready to get your health back on track for spring, check out my 21 Day Total Body Detox program today!  You’ll get to eat delicious recipes, yummy (healthy) treats, and feel amazing by the end of the program!


21 Day Total Body Detox | Boost Energy



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