Would you like to work with a Calgary holistic nutrition consultant?  Check out these 5 tips to make your selection and holistic health process so much easier!

Calgary Holistic Nutrition Consultant | Adrenal Fatigue

Where to find us!

Finding a Calgary holistic nutrition consultant is as easy as doing a Google search.  Within Alberta, your best option is to search for “holistic nutrition consultant” or “holistic nutritional consultant”.  Some of us call ourselves “holistic nutrition coaches” as well.

(Note that Alberta holistic nutrition services are not supposed to be designated as “nutritionist” due to legislation in the province.  The word “nutritionist” is reserved by the Registered Dieticians in Alberta. So, if you’re looking for an RD, use this term instead.)

Check out Facebook!  I am one Calgary holistic nutrition consultant who uses Facebook to promote my business.  And, I’m certain there are others too.  Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media sites will have information on Calgary holistic nutrition consultant services too.

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Calgary Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Know If a Calgary Holistic Nutrition Consultant is Properly Certified

Holistic nutrition is not a government regulated profession.  Various different schools and organizations train people in natural nutrition but some have been recognized as leaders in the field.

I attended the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  I studied for over 1100 hours, examining natural nutrition for human symptomology, mind-body connections, and human anatomy and physiology.  To obtain my certification, I had to pass a very intense 3-hour exam.  My program focused heavily on science-backed nutrition information.

The Institute of Holistic Nutrition is another industry leader that helps students understand food sources, supplementary requirements, herbal remedies and personalized nutrition.  They offer a Diploma program in Holistic Health.  (Graduates from the IHN receive a qualification of Certified Nutritional Practitioner.)

Another qualification you can search for is whether a Calgary holistic nutrition consultant is associated with CAHN-Pro. This professional association is working hard to advance the field of holistic nutrition, and graduates of a recognized school can write a board exam to become a member of CAHN-Pro.  (I am currently studying for the exam! Yikes – exams scare me!)

Calgary Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Ask for a Free Consult from a Calgary Holistic Nutrition Consultant!

It’s hard to set out on your own in the world of health and wellness.  Many Calgary holistic nutrition consultants offer 30- or 60-minute consultations for free.  Why?  These conversations help you determine if the consultant will be a good fit for your health needs.

There is no obligation to book any additional appointments (or there shouldn’t be).  Plus, a free consult offers you a window into the world of holistic nutrition without any commitment.  How great is that?

Does the Calgary Holistic Nutrition Consultant Specialize in Your Health Concerns?

This step if very important – don’t skip it!  Just like in the medical field, where some practitioners really want to zero in on one or two very specific types of medicine, most holistic nutrition consultants narrow down their focus.

There is nothing wrong with working with a Calgary holistic nutrition consultant who focuses on a broad range of health concerns.  She can probably provide you with so many amazing health tips that you won’t know where to start (well, she’ll be nicer than that and guide you along)!

But, if you’ve got a really specific health concern, such as chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, depression, weight management, or low thyroid function, you might be better off to find a Calgary holistic nutrition consultant who specializes in your preferred area of nutrition.

(I focus primarily on helping women overcome the many confusing symptoms of adrenal fatigue.  You may not know what adrenal fatigue is, but check out this post for a list of symptoms.  Or, better yet, click below to get my FREE Adrenal Fatigue Checklist!)


Ask Yourself “How Important is it to Me and My Life That I Fix my Health Problem(s)?”

Now that you’ve found a Calgary holistic nutrition consultant, had your free consultation and determined that she specializes in your particular health concern, you need to figure out your next move.

I know, you probably have a bunch of objections flying around in your head.  Things like “now just isn’t a good time because I’ve got ______(fill in the blank) coming up.”  Or “I just don’t think I can afford it right now…maybe later.”

I get it – I have the exact same objections when I start looking into whether or not I want to work with someone.  Often it takes me 5-7 visits to a website before I push that “Book It” button!

Let me give you a little help.  You have the motivation to help yourself, right?  You’ve started down this road because something nudged you.  Perhaps it was a final frustration of a sleepless night.  Or you pulled on your favorite jeans and they did NOT fit like they used to.

Whatever your reason, you started down this road because some part of you wants to make a change.  You have it in you to make the giant leap but something is still holding you back.  It could be fear, uncertainty or apprehension.  Only you know for sure.

But, you’ve made it this far!  That’s amazing!

Ready to Work with a Calgary Holistic Nutrition Consultant?

Now it’s time to dig deep and really ask yourself “how would my life be different if I could fix my health problem?”  And, “what pain would disappear if I started to feel better?”

Take your time to figure out your “why”.  There’s never going to be a better time nor is there ever going to be a time when there’s ‘extra’ money lying around.  But your health – that matters!  You deserve to feel amazing every day!  And the right Calgary holistic nutrition consultant can help you get there.

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