A healthy diet and regular exercise are supposed to keep you slim and fit, right?  You follow healthy eating guidelines from fitness and health magazines and well-known bloggers; you exercise almost every day (and often twice daily)…what’s going on?

What if I told you that you’re doing it all wrong?  It’s not enough that you’re eating healthy – you have to eat the right foods for your body.  And, exercise is great but too much can actually backfire on you.

Find out why your body is holding onto that last 2-5 inches and what you can start doing now to slim up just in time for summer!

This week I’m excited to share with you my featured article on the Holistic Workshops blog.  Holistic Workshops hosts a calendar that lists holistic nutrition events across Canada and a blog written by many qualified holistic nutrition consultants (like me!). I’d love if you visited and checked it out!  (And, please share this article with your social media buddies too!)

Stubborn Abdominal Fat Despite A Healthy Diet and Exercise? It Might Be Your Hormones!

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