There are two distinct times of year that make me feel like a new beginning is around the corner.  The first is in early September – I am a student at heart so it always feels like a new beginning.  The second is in the spring – once the cold dissipates and the snow melts, it just seems like I’m exposed to a brand new world.  In a way I am, I guess, because new life is sprouting or being born and it’s like cloak of dark, dreary, stagnant energy has been lifted (okay, so I am clearly NOT a fan of winter).

I’ve sat around enough in my sweatpants, trying to stay warm.  Now I’m ready to get out in the world again and appreciate all that nature has to offer.  I’m also revved up to treat myself with love and that means eating healthy all the time, removing toxic and inflammatory foods from my diet, and getting outside for a few runs or boot camp classes!

Spring breeds new life and it’s in spring that our bodies are ready for a cleanse.  Too little activity, too many warm comfort foods, too much sugar (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, ugh) and we are in need of a change to both our diets and our lifestyles.  I can’t think of anyone else I know who doesn’t seem to naturally shift towards a different mindset at this time of year, too.

While our bodies naturally detoxify the crap we’re exposed to, through the winter they build up a bit more, making our livers work overtime.  Our poor livers have a tough life – they have over 500 different jobs to perform every day – so they definitely could benefit from a timeout from all that we throw at them.

Detox programs should help support the liver by eliminating some of the top offending foods, at least for a short period, and to increase our consumption of nutrient-dense natural foods that specifically support the liver and its processes.  What makes spring a great time to dig into a detox program is that the best liver-supporting nutrients are found in fresh fruits and vegetables; with the weather warming up, our bodies are more likely to enjoy cool foods too.  (It’s tough to drink a smoothie when it’s freezing out!)

Just like we naturally steer towards some type of spring cleaning at home, we also naturally want to improve our diets and lifestyle.  Why not give your body a head start by giving it some love and a nutrient-packed detoxification program?  You can sign up for my 21-Day Total Body Detox Program or you can simply eliminate those foods that bog down your liver – dairy, gluten, processed stuff, sugar and alcohol.  Increase your consumption of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables too!

Spring – new beginning, new you…how does that sound?



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