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Blast stubborn body fat and increase your all-day energy without starvation diets or spending endless hours on the treadmill!

Discover your sexy self without deprivation or frustration.

You’re a busy, active woman and you eat healthy as often as you can.

But…you can’t quite get that stubborn belly fat to disappear.  Your energy levels are in the toilet, especially mid-afternoon, and you’re sick of feeling totally overwhelmed by everything life throws at you.  AND, it feels like no matter what you do, your body is working AGAINST you!

The good news?  You can blast away that stubborn fat, improve your energy and feel more in control of your life without deprivation or endless hours on the treadmill.  Healthy eating doesn’t have to be hard – in fact, my mission is to guide you to make the best healthy food choices and learn how to cook a great meal in 30 minutes or less!

Hi, I’m Daina and I will help you discover how to feel sexy and fabulous without giving up wine, chocolate or your sanity.

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Waking up every day with clear, glowing and beautiful skin and never worrying about breakouts again!

10 Proven Secrets to Clear Skin

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7-Day Fatigue Rescue Kit

Boost energy & sleep better…naturally!

If you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, get instant access to natural foods, recipes and self-care tips to stop feeling frazzled, fatigued and frustrated!

7-Day Healthy Eating Challenge

Reduce bloat, fatigue, anxiety and hormonal issues with this amazing 7-day meal plan!

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Want Something Quick?

FREE 48-Hour Green Smoothie Challenge!

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On the Blog

Why High Fat Sugary Foods Keep Calling Your Name

First, let me be clear.  When I talk about high fat sugary foods today, I’m NOT talking about healthy high fat foods like avocados, raw nuts and seeds, or coconut milk.  If you craved these foods every day, well, you’d probably have some very odd nutritional...

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Key to Beat Chronic Fatigue

There is still a lot of controversy over chronic fatigue syndrome.  Chronic exhaustion in general is a little confusing too. People with chronic fatigue often live with a number of confusing health symptoms.  Most doctors initially dismissed chronic fatigue as a...

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Chronic Fatigue and Belly Fat – A Surprising Connection

When I go on vacation, I tend to totally unplug from life.  I refuse to even check my work email while I’m on holidays and I try to avoid checking social media too much.  I also put rest and relaxation first, making sure I have tons of time to sleep in late and take...

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Discover how a personalized nutrition program can help you reach your health goals so much faster!
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