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I beat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 100% naturally over 10 years ago.

I’ve used my experience battling CFS, post-viral fatigue & adrenal fatigue and my holistic nutrition education and expertise to develop a unique, fast-paced holistic health system to reset the entire body for sustainable energy balance & production.


How Can You Help Me?

Let me guess…

You struggle with morning grogginess, all-day exhaustion, 3 PM energy crashes, mood swings, brain fog, and extremely low willpower and drive to stick to the solutions you’ve committed to.

And you want answers!  You want a solution that will reboot your energy & clear away the brain fog, regulate your hormones and stabilize your mood…something that will stick for LIFE!

If this is you, you’re in the right place.

crush your fatigue
Chronic Fatigue Recovery

Well hello there!

I’m Daina – Owner of Mind Body Healthy and Founder of the Energy & Hormonal Rebalance System.


When I was told, at age 15, that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome AND there was nothing the doctors could do about it, I was devastated. 

Over the next 7 years, I battled my exhaustion every single day.  I had to quit all my sports in school, and trying to take on a kickboxing class left me down for the count for 3 straight days. 

My social life was almost non-existent and I had a very difficult time getting through university.

When I suddenly started getting unexplained, horrifically painful stomach cramps, I began tracking what I ate.  Uncovering patterns, I quickly eliminated a number of common foods from my diet.

This helped reduce my fatigue but didn’t get rid of it, so I started going further into how food affected my fatigue and stomach, eventually stumbling upon Holistic Nutrition.

Using what I learned plus what I experimented with on my own, I cleared up both chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout, and now help other busy women get the all-day energy and masterful concentration they need to take on all their ambitious goals and desires.  

So, if you want to learn more and get in on this journey, join my free Facebook group!  And we’ll go from there, okay? 

Client Love

I have increased my energy so much that I am slimming down the time it takes to finish my “need to do” tasks.  And now I have extra time to do things I actually want to do!  My focus is so much better and I’ve improved my performance and strength at the gym (finally).

Carleigh W.

I battled chronic fatigue for over 20 years, and this is the first time in my life I’ve felt more energy.  I’m not napping as much, I’m sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.  I feel more in control and just lighter and healthier in my own body. I feel some I finally found some one who “gets” me!

Sandra D.

I noticed an increase in my energy in just 5 days.  I got rid of my afternoon energy crashes quickly and no longer need a nap after lunch!  I feel so much more focused at work, and I’m confident in my job abilities again.  Plus, I’m able to join my family in all their weekend activities for the first time!

Jenn B.

I feel more energetic, not looking for food when I shouldn’t be hungry (from boredom). I am planning my meals – eating within my window and stopping by 6 PM has really helped me boost energy, improve sleep, and feel more in control of the stress in my life, and how I respond to it.

Janice H.

The Holistic Nutrition Difference

Working with a Holistic Nutrition Consultant can be one of the most eye-opening experiences of your life! 

I’m not your typical dietician or nutritionist.  I’ve been in your shoes so I know exactly how frustrating, bone-crushing and defeating your fatigue feels.  And I know exactly how to help YOU overcome your exhaustion with the right foods and habits.

I dig into your symptoms with you, helping you uncover the underlying root causes so that you can follow solutions that actually reverse the problems (instead of only addressing symptoms).

Fad diets aren’t the answer – these are designed based on a set of symptoms and will only (temporarily) suppress the pain and exhaustion you feel.  Instead, you need nutrition that is targeted to function positively with your body’s physiology. 

After over 10 years of examining symptoms and testing out a variety of treatments for fatigue, I’ve uncovered the deep-seated root causes that plague every single woman living with chronic fatigue, low energy, adrenal burnout or post-viral fatigue.

And my nutrition coaching and protocols are based on root cause reversal and rebalance.  Not just the symptoms.

Your diet is important but it’s only 1 piece of the puzzle.  You need to be focused on nutrition, lifestyle and mindset to rebalance your body’s energy production systems.  And THAT is the difference you’ll get when working with a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant!

If you’re looking for a sustainable solution that fixes the problems causing your fatigue, you need a Holistic Nutrition touch.


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