Chronic Fatigue Syndrom

How Can You Help Me?

Let me guess…

You’re an ambitious woman with a demanding career, a busy family, and a deep love for your life.

And you’ve been struggling with chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, morning grogginess, afternoon energy crashes, poor mental recall, and low motivation to stick to your healthy lifestyle choices…

And you want answers!  You want solutions that help you feel energized, focused and in control of your health for life.

If this is you, you’re in the right place.

Well hello there!

I’m Daina – Owner of Mind Body Healthy and Founder of the Energy & Hormonal Rebalance System.


When I was told, at age 15, that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome AND there was nothing the doctors could do about it, I was devastated. 

Over the next 7 years, I battled my exhaustion every single day.  I had to quit all my sports in school, and trying to take on a kickboxing class left me down for the count for 3 straight days. 

My social life was almost non-existent and I had a very difficult time getting through university.

When I suddenly started getting unexplained, horrifically painful stomach cramps, I began tracking what I ate.  Uncovering patterns, I quickly eliminated a number of common foods from my diet.

This helped reduce my fatigue but didn’t get rid of it, so I started going further into how food affected my fatigue and stomach, eventually stumbling upon Holistic Nutrition.

Using what I learned plus what I experimented with on my own, I cleared up both chronic fatigue and adrenal burnout, and now help other busy women get the all-day energy and masterful concentration they need to take on all their ambitious goals and desires.  

So, if you want to learn more and get in on this journey, join my free Facebook group!  And we’ll go from there, okay? 

The Holistic Nutrition Difference

Working with a Holistic Nutrition Consultant can be one of the most eye-opening experiences of your life!  We promote health from the perspective that each person is biochemically distinct with unique nutritional needs.  Your symptoms are unique to you so it makes perfect sense that your nutritional needs will be unique as well.  One-size-fits-all nutritional programs or meal plans are not the most effective way to improve your health.

As a CHN, I also focus on your entire body, not just on your diet.  Symptoms are intricately connected to the mind and spirit, too.  And, let’s not forget that what you may be experiencing as a symptom could actually be connected to a deeper root cause.  

My goal is to help women experience better hormonal balance for all-day energy and better sleep by introducing the right whole foods into their diets.  I understand the confusing array of symptoms associated with women’s health and strive to help you understand what’s going on inside your own body so that you can feel more in control.

Holistic nutrition is personalized, sustainable nutritional advice that focuses on YOU and what you want to see with your health! 

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