Outdoor Group Fitness Classes

Please Note:

Classes are over for the 2017 season but check back again in early spring 2018!  I will resume classes in May 2018 so stay tuned for more details!


TRX & Kettlebell HIIT

Work up a sweat, build muscle and leave smiling in this 30-minute intervals-based class. This short class will get your heart pumping through body weight, TRX and kettlebell exercises. Suitable for all fitness levels, even beginners!


Power Conditioning

Boost your metabolism in this circuit-style, cardio-focused class. We will use free weights, resistance bands, and other fun equipment to get your heart rate up and boost the burn! This 45-minute class will be intense but definitely within your range. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Ladies-Only Functional & Strength Training

Ladies!  Build strength in all your muscles while we work through functional movements that train your muscles to work together, not in isolation, so that you’re ready to face all your everyday tasks and situations.  Core stability is emphasized as you move through exercises that use your upper and lower body simultaneously!  This 60-minute class includes heart-pumping cardio and strength-building exercises using popular portable equipment and things you find in the park!




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