Chronic Stress Holistic Nutrition


Hi, I’m Daina and I help address the complicated array of symptoms associated with chronic stress and adrenal fatigue.

I am an uncomplicated Holistic Nutrition Consultant who strives to create healthy meals in 20 minutes or less.  My approach to nutrition is very similar to the Mediterranean Diet. I believe this diet is one of the most sustainable and supportive for women’s unique health needs.

Life also needs to be enjoyable so I never count calories or weight food. Instead, I believe in eating as much real food as you want, including the occasional glass of wine.

And, chocolate and some treats are always on the menu!

I help busy, professional women who are struggling with chronic fatigue, extremely low energy, stubborn tummy fat, and sleep problems balance their hormones so that they get through their day with energy to spare, and fall asleep and stay asleep each and every night!

I help women address their confusing, yet very real, symptoms associated with chronic stress.  Chronic stress can hit you with anything from unexplained weight gain, sleep disturbances, brain fog or poor concentration, or even sugar cravings mid-afternoon.

I coach women to choose the right foods to reduce their stress-related symptoms, reduce their waistline without deprivation or calorie counting, transform their bodies while feeling fully in control, and look and feel totally energized by giving them easy, fast meal prep options.

My mission is to help women dealing with adrenal fatigue and chronic stress (even if you don’t realize that this is what’s going on).  I’ve been there – I’ve battled and beat chronic stress.  Sleep used to be a problem but I’ve figured out which foods and nutrients help with sleep.

I’ve learned that exercising with adrenal fatigue requires a different approach than mainstream fitness experts give us, and I’ve discovered tons of tricks to create really fast, healthy meals when I’m too tired to even look at a frying pan.  My experience with chronic stress will help you approach diet and exercise from a whole new perspective!

My own experience in overcoming chronic fatigue and battling sleep disorders has given me the expertise to help you achieve amazing sleep and renewed energy.

Let me tell you – it is NOT a good feeling when people think you fake your symptoms!  I know what it’s like to get the eye roll or skepticism when you talk about your symptoms.

Well, let me tell you – you are not crazy, your symptoms are real, and I can help you get out of the vicious cycle that you feel like you’re in!


A Bit More About Me:

Okay, so who am I exactly?  Wouldn’t it be nice to know me beyond my holistic nutrition expertise?

My husband and I have two cats and one Golden Retriever – and I would adopt every single kitty out there if I could!  The Meow Foundation and Plan Canada are two of my favourite charities – I sponsor 3 “Because I am a Girl” children.

My husband and I were married last October and we love to travel, so we hope to take on Nicaragua soon for our honeymoon.  We’ve been to Belize, Italy, Mexico, and Kauai.


A few fun facts about me:

  • I am adopted
  • Before I turn 45, I want to move to the Caribbean. I want to run fitness / wellness centre on the beach that serves delicious, health-promoting juices and smoothies
  • I am a group fitness instructor and wish I could do more of this type of work too
  • My current full-time job is as an IT Cyber Security Professional, but holistic nutrition is where my heart lies
  • I love the heat and hate the cold so that Caribbean island better come soon!


Work With Me

If you struggle with stubborn fat, sleep and low energy, I want to help you!  Chronic stress manifests as a bunch of different, often conflicting symptoms.  But I can help you overcome these symptoms following specialized protocols designed to address chronic stress.

Check out my programs and services and please set up a free 60-minute transformation consultation today!  I’d love to chat with you and figure out how I can help you be your absolute healthiest.