If someone were to ask me what my favorite drink was, I’d reply ‘water’!  That sounds odd, I’m sure, but it’s true – given the choice between water and any other drink, I choose water hands down.  Add a bit of fresh lemon juice and I’ve got the perfect refreshment.

Everyone needs to drink water – pure, filtered water – every day.  However, too many people avoid the stuff and reach for sugar- and/or chemical-filled beverages instead.  Your body needs pure water daily to perform so many vital activities.  (And, as I heard recently from a reputable functional nutritionist, if you don’t drink filtered water, your kidneys have to filter it for you, which puts a lot of stress on those important organs.)

Did you know that about 60% of your body is made up of water? 

Water is important for moving nutrients to cells and taking wastes away to be eliminated.  Water keeps your elimination processes and organs functioning smoothly.  Water maintains lubricated organ surfaces and pads our joints against shock.  Drinking water can even help boost your metabolism too!

Studies have shown that people who drink 1-2 cups of water before a meal eat fewer calories and, hence, lose weight.  Drinking cold water requires more effort by your body to use it up, so metabolism gets a quick jolt.  And, even mild dehydration can make losing weight a difficult feat.

Water is so beneficial to your health that you should be trying to drink at least 2 ½ liters per day.  Does that seem crazy to you?  I typically aim for about 4 liters so I know that anyone can drink 2 ½ liters if they put their minds to it!

If you’re looking to regulate hormones, lose weight and boost your metabolism, you need to be drinking a LOT of water.  When your fat cells give up their contents as you begin to lose weight, a whole bunch of toxic material is released into your system.  This is why people on rapid weight loss programs or detox diets experience headaches and nausea.  To combat this, make sure you’re drinking enough water to flush all those toxins out of your body (so that they don’t accumulate elsewhere).

Flushing out those toxins and keeping the elimination organs free and clear to remove waste will help balance hormones and boost metabolism because your liver won’t be as bogged down trying to deal with recirculating toxins and chemicals.  When the liver is happy, your hormones, including cortisol, thyroid and estrogen, are happy.

Getting enough water will make your complexion glow!  Your skin loves water – water replenishes lost moisture from showering and skin products.  Cells will plump up and you’ll see fewer wrinkles and dry skin patches.  And, you’ll just look younger!  Who doesn’t want that?

Because your brain is 90% water, you will feel happier and have fewer headaches if you drink enough water.  And, your overall immune system will be healthier and you’ll experience fewer illnesses.  At the first tickle of a cold, I like to increase my water consumption by an extra liter or two, which flushes out any bacteria or toxins making me feel ill.

Water is vital.  Your body needs more water (and less other stuff), so try switching out a few fruit juices, pops or cups of tea for fresh, pure water!


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